Chinese brush painting is about quiet serenity and modesty. Each piece is meant to be a step forward. An inner reflection. A quiet discussion. It’s about moving forward.

Ren Adams says “If I am improving, that’s all I care about.”

Chinese brush painting: single-stroke painting which uses hand-ground inks and watercolors.
Artist Ren Adams also likes working with oil pastels on plastic Yupo paper (it creates neat watery effects) she says.

I my self am fascinated with the creative process. I think Chinese brush painting seems much different than traditional painting. So I asked her about her her process. I really love what she says about the paintings, such a beautiful way to put it just makes me think about paining and what it means to live in the now. Her reply “When I’m working on my brush paintings, they are done in one sitting. They might take only a few moments or a few hours. Brush paintings are meant to live in the “now” and to be a form of immediacy, so I can’t set them aside and come back to them several days later (in most cases). They need to be completed in one thought. Sometimes I can be at my painting table for hours and hours in a row. Other times, it’s only a matter of minutes.”

Adams rents space at an art studio in downtown Albuquerque (The Factory on 5th Art Space). “In between paintings, she says she usually sits outside and engage the other artists. Then they all retreat to thier own studios to create.”

Ren also Says and I have to quote her again because she said so well “Art is a sensation, a sense of humor, a sense of elation, a tantalizing window… it’s pure energy, pure thought, and pure darkness, and pure light. ”

I really enjoyed her shop and the things she feels about art, she expresses it so well. Although she and I don’t do the same kind of art I connected with what she had to say, I feel what I do has changed my life, she just put it in words I could recognize.

Thank you Ren for sharing that very personal look into your process.

Please See her shop at PlasticPumpkinDesigns