It’s true good things do come in small packages. With one purchase you can get a sample of 8 artists work.

The Etsy Glass Artists (EGA) have put together a selection of sample sets for our summer promotion, a celebration of all things glass. Each collection will include 8 pieces. By one of 12 artists. The collections are composed of jewelry, gifts and designing components. Priced well below their value, it is a wonderful way to try out a variety of glass pieces. Shipping is included in the price of the EGA Collection and each participating artist has a different collection so be sure to check them all out.

The members participating are as follows:

To see all of the collections available search for “egacollection” or “egacollections”

EGA would like to thank Susan Sheehan for all her hard work putting the glass collections together and organizing this project.

chipper workingon Science Fair

chipper workingon Science Fair,
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Oh yes the endless Science Fair project. The project name – Is It Dry Yet? Which primary color will dry first? Red? Yellow? Blue? Here is the real question, does any one care? No but 2 little boys have really worked hard to find out.

So drum Roll Please………… The primary color that dried the fastest in all three trials WAS! BLUE!!!!! Darker colors dry fastest So there you go more than you wanted to know about drying paint.

They presented the project today at the fair we had a pretty impressive board I must say and the did an excellent job presenting So now we wait to see if they go regional.