flickrversaryme.jpgTomorrow marks my 2 year anniversary with Flickr. It is one of my most favorite places to visit on the internet each day. I get such great support there and the friends I have made are irreplaceable. It is the place I discovered Etsy, it is the place I gathered some self esteem, it is a habit that I can’t say I wish to break.

I joined the SPT Self Portrait Thursdays(A flickr group) some time ago and kept thinking okay Michelle just so this, I am not fond of photos of my self I pick my self apart. So today I finally posted a photo to the flickr group. Fingers crossed I can do this each Thursday. I tried the 365 days project but I gotta tell ya I don’t like to take photos of my self enough to do that haha!

Any way if you get a chance check out flickr and all the awesome photos groups there is a place for eveyone really.

Thanks to Flickr and all my Flickr friends


distantoceanmoon5.jpgAs a person that buys artful things and sells them. I try to remember – We like to see the actual item we are getting. Art should be well represented even if you have made 20 or 30 of the same style really it is nice to see the real item. There is nothing worse than buying what is considered to be original one of a kind and getting it in the mail only to find it was less than represented or even slightly different than the photo. Be considerate to your art buying customers and take the time to rephotograph similar items. In all fairness somethings less original have no need to be rephotographed.

All I know is the items I make tend to be a little more subject to what the heat will do so each item will truly be unique so I want them to be represented properly.

I have made over 25 of these ocean scenes within the past year and I made sure each one was photographed no matter how close it may have been to the last one I sold. It is just fair to my customers.