Cari comes from Sunny Southern California she makes all her glass jewelry in her home garage studio. Lucky Duck!

I have admired this fused piece of Cari’s aka MonkeyBlues for some time now I bet she didn’t even know that? This piece pushes her creative limits. I enjoy the shape and and trickling glass dangle that hangs in the middle it comes with a leather cord. I am a lover of any thing artful and Cari seems to do just that with her Tailored Fused Glass Necklace.

Tailored Fused Glass Necklace

I thought this was a great achievement so I added Cari’s feature link in April,07 Brag pages Library of outstanding design in online Magazine.

I met Cari in our EGA Street Team she is a sweet heart and a pleasure to chat with, so glad I met you Cari. You can see her EGA interview and get to know Cari even better here.


Have you even been working on a project or been doing a process within creativity and realizeourwideworld3.jpg -oh wow I should do it this way or hum I wonder if this will work- AND IT DOES?

Well I had one of those moments this week as I was doing my usual creative pushing. No Of course I am not willing to tell anyone what I did because that would give away my process LOL (sorry). BUT I do want to encourage any creative person to push their art in directions that say you can’t or possibly just possibly a product was marked wrong and that is why something is not working as expected- That is what happened to me. So I am quite please with the new results now that I have corrected the wrong LOL.

I have to say I am rarely disappointed when I do things in art that are out side the box or rules of product directions hahaha. Ask my friends I have discovered very cool things in doing so.

jingle pendantWell I have been working away on items for The gallery /studio tour (ArtEast) and I have a few new ideas up my sleeve and want to give you a quick glance.

These are Fused Glass Jingle Charm Pendants, these are delicate layered glass charm components composed to make a pendant they even jingle when you wear them- hummm- I think that is how I got the name. They have multicolored glass sticks, beads, metal charms, and glass charms all put together to make a unit. They are small and a little more fragile than my other items because they are 1 layer of glass. I like to think they are LUCKY, that is totally for fun, but any time I drill a hole in glass and I don’t break it I feel pretty lucky LOL

I am enjoying all the possibilities with this new idea. I hope you will enjoy them too.