Okay I have a problem! I am admitting it. I sometimes laugh when people fall. No matter how bad I try not to laugh I just loose it. Not when they are in real pain but you know tripping or just not paying attention and stumble. I won’t get into to what I think happens to my self when I see a person fall. I just can help it. Maybe it’s nerves that make me giggle, I don’t know. I have shame but I don’t think there is much I can do.

So anyway on with why I am confessing this sad problem I have.

I have a computer chair that was on it’s last leg and for the life of me I could not fix it. In fact it was down right dangerous, I have a bruised hip and elbow to prove it! So I put it out for trash pick up or if anyone was so inclined to fix the wretched contraption- it was all theirs. So out it went cause I was not taking any more chances. So today Out side my door, I heard a truck pull up I looked out the window, oh yes just as I figured, someone was more than happy to take the beast of a chair off my hands but not before doing a test sit. I thought NOOOOOOO don’t sit in that thing it has it’s own ejection button. And then it happened no kidding I would pay to see this circus act again over and over. No kidding I am laughing now so hard I almost can’t write this. The guy pulls up looks at the chair like he is shopping at Macy’s department store. Turns it, rolls it, then plopped into it like they were friends, only to be totally rejected by this god awful seat! I thought I would pee my pants. It tilted and bucked like a rodeo bull and out he went on to my lawn. He popped up very quick(Get Smart like) looked around to see if anyone saw the interaction between he and the chair. I will never forget the look on his face, the horror, no pain that I could tell just pure embarrassment and offense that anyone would put that chair out there for him to sit on-Like I offered him a trick chair.

So did he take the chair? Hell yes he took it, I have no idea why, after it offended him so. Just goes to show doesn’t matter- Ones mans trash is another mans rodeo bull chair treasure LOL


Ya know I have been a little glass hermit? I have been toiling away in my studio, my house is a wreck, my tree is on the floor because my husband has misplaced the tree stand. Did I mention we are only putting up a tree with lights and candy canes because I am all to aware of what 5 kittens can do to a tree. I might just want to leave our tree on the floor and plug in the lights as it is LOL. humm I wonder what people would say?

Anyway with all that said, it is a little hectic here, so we went out to dinner tonight some times you have to do that when there are more dishes in the sink than there is in the cabinet -just kidding really. I watched my boys as we talked they are so funny the way they go from one subject to the next keeping in time as only siblings can do. I get a kick out of them.

We get home and all heck breaks loose it is time for showers and getting everything ready for school. Cooperation is not a 12 yr old boys strong point, have I mentioned that? So try 3 – 12 yr old boys! Chip informs me he will not be able to sleep tonight because Alex has accidentally exposed himself on the way to the shower-BOYs and nudity sheeesh. I already know all of this is stall tactics on all their behalf’s, funny but annoying okay.

Bed time at my house is just an untameable slumber party, although fun for them not fun for me. Tonight Alex was wound up so I would not let him get apple juice before he went to bed so from his bedroom for over 20 mins I got to listen to him sing “apple juice” over and over to the tune of Even Flow by Pearl Jam, as he laid in his bed- but guess what? He did NOT get apple Juice he can sing apple juice to an AC/DC song he will not get what he wants by harassing me! BOYS!

Sam my sweet Sam he is so good but he gets sad very easy. So we had the psych 101 talk tonight about how we can only change our selves we can’t change others- he is so much like me. He thinks everyone is as kind as he is and when they are not he is so shocked and can’t figure out what the hell happened. Poor boy- he is so good to the core- the world will be hard.

So I took a break from my creative journaling to let ya know all the mama stuff too. I am sure something creative comes from it as all experiences make us what we are.

While I am Away my cat will play LOL!

buttershops1.jpgButter will be doing all the online shopping on Black Friday He promises to buy only handmade items. I gave him the Etsy tutorial. He has a huge budget. Be kind to Butter when he visits your shop he just might spend his whole wad in your ETSY shop. I have given him a list of good shops. When you visit this link please post your etsy shop and Butter will have a look. http://www.flickr.com/photos/shoozlesfusesglass/2053113091/

It’s just for laughs. I have a great imagination, when I saw Butter sitting on my computer desk looking oh so sweet but just a little guilty all I could think was just thought how cute would it be for a kitten to have his little paws on the keyboard clicking links and using paypal to buy things from ETSY LOL!

No Stink’n think’nHave you ever had the need for a voodoo Doll?
Some weeks just beg for a voodoo doll -Don’t they?

All in good fun!

My EGA Friend Marcy Sensed I need one a few months back and thought a well deserved poke to a glass doll would cheer me up, she was so right. I got the cutes little glass doll from her, complete with needles and seriously any anger I had was erased by the cuteness and the sweetness of her gift. I love what Marcy says “No Stink’n Think’n” it will bring you down. I love the great support I get from my EGA friends. Sometime I don’t even have to say any thing direct in our forum they see the need and jump to pump me up. Thank you everyone!

Marcy is always positive and kind with a twist of sarcasm that can make us cackle. It shows in herPuppy Love bead work for sure. She is super funny with her quirky titles and descriptions in her etsy shop, her work is truly amazing I am a proud owner of 2 of her items and will come back for more. Her sculpture beads are so captivating you just have to have one so you know what I mean. Make sure you stop by her shop and see all the fantastic fun she has to offer. http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=34983

You Rock Marcy