I just got my 4 color business cards in the mail from overnight prints. I have never had “real business cards” printed for my business. For years I ran my little printer in to the ground printing my business cards and then cutting them. Oh the time I wasted! You can’t image how excited I am to have these. I struggled with the design. Ya I know the design is not that big a deal- big whoop right? There ia no great designing here, I just let me face and art speak for it’s self. I did several designs with and without my photo. My family told me I should have my photo on it. I am camera shy and not a fan of my own image. But the consensus was “who wouldn’t buy from that face” LOL My most logical son said “mom I like knowing who I am buying from” “it’s good to see a face with the art”. So I am stuck with these until I can get rid of 1000 cards.

Let me know what you think.

I am giddy with the thought of handing out business cards!

Thanks Overnight Prints!


It’s true good things do come in small packages. With one purchase you can get a sample of 8 artists work.

The Etsy Glass Artists (EGA) have put together a selection of sample sets for our summer promotion, a celebration of all things glass. Each collection will include 8 pieces. By one of 12 artists. The collections are composed of jewelry, gifts and designing components. Priced well below their value, it is a wonderful way to try out a variety of glass pieces. Shipping is included in the price of the EGA Collection and each participating artist has a different collection so be sure to check them all out.

The members participating are as follows:

To see all of the collections available search for “egacollection” or “egacollections”

EGA would like to thank Susan Sheehan for all her hard work putting the glass collections together and organizing this project.

Long time no Blog- Yikes! Sorry to all my reader friends, been a little busy.

I would like to introduce to you my glass ladies. These little gals will dance on your neck to only a tune they can hear LOL Whispers of songs fill their little bead heads, happiness is their mantra.

In my 20 something years of jewelry my mind happened upon some little ladies I made from polymer glass and beads I made tons of them only to wave good bye when glass came into my life. I thought of them often and how I could cross over the design to glass and after nearly nine years the new ladies have arrived. I hope you will enjoy them they are a labor of love. I have one last armless cripples lady from ages ago as a reminder all things can be revisited.

As always-Thanks for looking

APRIL 28th – MAY 5th

Just in time for Mother’s Day, the Etsy Glass Artists are having a great sale. Each store will be having their own sale, everything from 10% off – BOGO 1/2 Off.
Check out the sale and shop now!

Here is a list of the participants…

Dee http://willowglass.etsy.com
Lis http://liskidder.etsy.com
Michelle http://shoozles.etsy.com
Jo http://dogmawglass.etsy.com
Susan http://susansheehan.etsy.com
Amanda http://rufusandroxy.etsy.com
Marcy http://StudioMarcy.etsy.com
Kristy http://chickadeebeads.etsy.com
Leah http://LeahPellegrini.etsy.com
Rhonda http://RWillisGlassArtist.etsy.com
Cari http://monkeyblues.etsy.com
Pam O. http://psodesign.etsy.com
Carol http://glasscat.etsy.com
Paula http://paulasstressart.etsy.com
Pam D. http://MyCabinCreations.etsy.com
Mandy http://prizmatic.etsy.com
Wendy http://wendylee.etsy.com
Sheryl http://jochris12.etsy.com
Crystal http://popko.etsy.com
Poppy http://groovyglassgirl.etsy.com
Molly http://msotherdenartglass.etsy.com
Vicki http://vickileigh.etsy.com
Kris http://creationsbykris.etsy.com
Amanda and James http://blackriverbeads.etsy.com
Lyn http://artemislampwork.etsy.com
Mary http://SierraArtGlass.etsy.com


Okay Crazyness! I am prepping for a Home party for the 23rd of April. Then this week I got a call form Jacoby Art Center and Gallery, they have asked me to present my jewelry during an Art fashion Show. I can’t tell you how exciting this is for me. Needless to say I have been relising on Etsy more than I usually do because I have to add to my stash for these shows. So I apologize.

The Fashion show is – May 2 at 6pm
The tickets are 15 dollars in advance and 20 dollars at the door. This includes food and wine and show.

This gallery is huge and cool- can’t wait to show pictures. keep a look out

I have no idea how I will do or if I will fit in to the venue but it was so exciting to be invited.

Wish me Luck!

I am a regular Flickr user (flickerett), don’t let this be confused with some drug induced coma but I do  sometimes find my self lost in flickr flies. I know they are good when I find my self on page 25 and I am fully engaged. That is what happen when I found M-C1. I had seen her before commenting on others photos but for some reason had not went in to her file, that was a big mistake! She is just interesting and the kindest person to her flickr friends.

MCI was especially happy to see she uploaded and commented every day on flickr. Then there was this- she looks good in everything, so I wanted her to model a piece of my jewelry. I was giddy at the thought because I not only knew she would look good in it but she would take an excellent photo of herself in it. Just perfect to M-C1 style, she did not fail me! My pitiful hand photography pales in comparison to what she can do for my jewelry wearing it. Oh to be rich and pay a sweet model such as her.

My new flickr friend would not take the jewelry for free so a trade we made. I love that she told me it looked like the famous artists work Joan Miro-she is way too kind. Here is the piece she is wearing.

Later next week I will show you just what she and I traded with a link to her shop. If you would like so see this wonderful muse- her flickr file is here M-C1 -Thanks Gal

upcyclesam2.jpgFor 8 years now I have been using a diamond grinder and bits. So my collection of used bits, is crazy. I refuse to add them to land fill, I know things like glass and metal just never break down. I have tried the recycled bits and I have to say not impressed.

This is my son Sam’s dream creation he was so cute. Over Christmas break we brain Stormed about what to do with my use grinder bits “Robots MOM”Sam Said! That is what we did. Hand painted by Sam (12 yrs old) wired and beaded by MOM- He is so proud 🙂 and so am I .

We talk about how to make the world better not about what is wrong with the world- I love you Sam

You can purchase Robot Sam from my Etsy shop http://shoozles.etsy.com