Oh yea such a fun topic I know! But important all the same.leftsidestudio.jpg

This week I noticed a small wet spot at the back of my studio…hummm? Not good! And not so small. We had huge rain storms and well it came in at the back of my studio. Distraught? Nah! My New Years Resolution was to get the ol Glass Studio in good condition so I could show my studio for a Spring Open House, needless to say the flood sped thing up. So like I always say turn the Bad into GOOD and move on with YOUR life LOL.

It gave me a reason to rearrange and to throw out stuff. I am quite delighted with the results, so much so, I am willing to share with yourightsideofstudio.jpg what it looks like to this point. I am still working on the other side of the studio so there will be a part 2 to this post. If you go to my flickr you can take the tour, to see what all the stuff is but here is what I have done so far. I also hope this inspires others to get in their studios and clean, you’ll be amazed at the stuff you will find. I found a 4th edition Bead and Button magazine from 1994- Vintage LOL, it doesn’t even have any advertisements. They have come a long way!

Thanks for looking~Shoozles


NO I am not Selling my kiln or Supplies HA!

I think when the new year rolls around people get the urge to try a new technique, product or hobby. They buy items that well, they might be better off leaving on the shelf. Don’t get buyers remorse or creative block. Think about the purchase before you leap but most of all read how the products work, the health warnings and precautions plus do lots of experiments. Don’t expect the products to come with creativity that is up to you. Technique, process and creativity- Do not come with your new found products. Also learn to use the products with proficiency before moving on to the next technique that is part of the process I am talking about. But sometimes it’s just about talent more than anything.

Good luck with your New Year purchases and have fun

Have you even been working on a project or been doing a process within creativity and realizeourwideworld3.jpg -oh wow I should do it this way or hum I wonder if this will work- AND IT DOES?

Well I had one of those moments this week as I was doing my usual creative pushing. No Of course I am not willing to tell anyone what I did because that would give away my process LOL (sorry). BUT I do want to encourage any creative person to push their art in directions that say you can’t or possibly just possibly a product was marked wrong and that is why something is not working as expected- That is what happened to me. So I am quite please with the new results now that I have corrected the wrong LOL.

I have to say I am rarely disappointed when I do things in art that are out side the box or rules of product directions hahaha. Ask my friends I have discovered very cool things in doing so.