Cari comes from Sunny Southern California she makes all her glass jewelry in her home garage studio. Lucky Duck!

I have admired this fused piece of Cari’s aka MonkeyBlues for some time now I bet she didn’t even know that? This piece pushes her creative limits. I enjoy the shape and and trickling glass dangle that hangs in the middle it comes with a leather cord. I am a lover of any thing artful and Cari seems to do just that with her Tailored Fused Glass Necklace.

Tailored Fused Glass Necklace

I thought this was a great achievement so I added Cari’s feature link in April,07 Brag pages Library of outstanding design in online Magazine.

I met Cari in our EGA Street Team she is a sweet heart and a pleasure to chat with, so glad I met you Cari. You can see her EGA interview and get to know Cari even better here.


wire wrapping test

Originally uploaded by shoozles67

This is the video I did last spring on how to wire wrap. It is in slow motion so you can see the steps to wrapping a glass cabochon. I sell these class cabochons in my etsy shop with grooves and with out. I apologize ahead of time the video cuts off at the end because my battery ran out GRRRRR. I have plans to do this over but maybe this is a start for all of you great jewelry designers out there.

Flickr controversy about videos

I thought it was a positive new thing to add videos to flickr. I was quite excited. All things change and grow. Flicker owners are expanding for new generations although I highly doubt teens will come to flickr to buy a pro account to up load a mini clip when utube is a free for all. There are options if a person does not want to view videos on flickr. I hope I don’t lose friends because I up load videos? Yikes

Besides how can the world evolve to moving photos like in the Harry Potter movie if photos and video do not merge? haha

All change creates chaos- some people like to stand in the boat LOL

Well as promised I have to show you my trade I made with my newest flickr friend M-C1

She has some lovely items in her shop cards, art, photography and buttons but ya know every girl has got to have a mirror and whatmirror.jpg better way to do it, than in fun beeczarcardsandgifts style. These little button style pocket mirrors are sturdy and great for your purse and as I told Marie-Claire owner of (beeczarcardsandgifts) what goes better with jewelry than a mirror? Gotta check your look in these cute button mirrors and here is the greatest thing she can customize them for you. When I got my package I opened it up to find a sweet surprise, she had printed a picture of my favorite kitten on the back of one of the button mirrors. That was the best ya know?

What a great trade, what a great lady please check out her Etsy shop beeczarcardsandgifts

Thanks M-C

I search for the newest thing in fashion accessories all the time. I go to department stores and look around and see what is selling, I watch people shop. I sometimes engage with them about what they are looking at or even purchasing. For some reason I am completely comfortable doing this, must be the several years of craft shows and Home Jewelry Parties- heck I don’t know but they all talk to me and I find out just what I need to know. At least what I need to know to sell in my area/location.

This week my big adventure was Target, I saw lots of big earring hoops and bangles. I saw a lady pick up some bangles. I immediately said remember bangles when we were kids (we looked the same age) and she smiled and said yes and put them in her cart, I think target owes me commission LOL

My creative wheels started turning. I had to figure out a way to add my glass to the bangle cause ya know it is always about incorporating my glass. HA! It did not take me long. I ordered some nice hypoallergenic bangles some time ago thinking I could use them and this was the push I needed. So here is what I have new from the studio this weekend and fresh from my Target excursion. No trip or event is wasted, I must always take a piece from the places I have been and make them a special part of mybanglebirdcharm2.jpg creativity. New to My Etsy Shop.


Chinese brush painting is about quiet serenity and modesty. Each piece is meant to be a step forward. An inner reflection. A quiet discussion. It’s about moving forward.

Ren Adams says “If I am improving, that’s all I care about.”

Chinese brush painting: single-stroke painting which uses hand-ground inks and watercolors.
Artist Ren Adams also likes working with oil pastels on plastic Yupo paper (it creates neat watery effects) she says.

I my self am fascinated with the creative process. I think Chinese brush painting seems much different than traditional painting. So I asked her about her her process. I really love what she says about the paintings, such a beautiful way to put it just makes me think about paining and what it means to live in the now. Her reply “When I’m working on my brush paintings, they are done in one sitting. They might take only a few moments or a few hours. Brush paintings are meant to live in the “now” and to be a form of immediacy, so I can’t set them aside and come back to them several days later (in most cases). They need to be completed in one thought. Sometimes I can be at my painting table for hours and hours in a row. Other times, it’s only a matter of minutes.”

Adams rents space at an art studio in downtown Albuquerque (The Factory on 5th Art Space). “In between paintings, she says she usually sits outside and engage the other artists. Then they all retreat to thier own studios to create.”

Ren also Says and I have to quote her again because she said so well “Art is a sensation, a sense of humor, a sense of elation, a tantalizing window… it’s pure energy, pure thought, and pure darkness, and pure light. ”

I really enjoyed her shop and the things she feels about art, she expresses it so well. Although she and I don’t do the same kind of art I connected with what she had to say, I feel what I do has changed my life, she just put it in words I could recognize.

Thank you Ren for sharing that very personal look into your process.

Please See her shop at PlasticPumpkinDesigns

I really enjoy fusing some days are harder and I really have no feelings about the things that came out of the kiln and then there days that I open my kiln and a gift has come from the heat, A piece I could not have imagined nor dreamed. Unplanned and unique surprises just make me giddy and set the tone for the day and can last for weeks.

This pieces was so serendipitous. I opened the kiln and I swear there was this- A bird on that sumpautumnbird.jpg and those little Autumn leaves flying about. All I had to do is then paint a beak and tidy up the ground line. I love when gifts like this come out of the kiln 🙂

I am really trying to get back to the swing of things. I am pooped from the weekend show and Gallery opening. So forgive my break from all creative input to my blog and flickr and my shop has been pretty much relisting items which I really hate to do because it is all about being fresh and knowing customers or admirers need to see knew stuff or they may get bored.

I wish everyone a little serendipity this week it is a joy and gift.

headley.jpgI am really enjoying the 90 day Blog challenge. I am getting a chance to look in shops I have never seen before and finding a great deal of talent in them.

Today My feature is on ThatsHeadley Etsy shop- Her shop is decked out for Christmas already and I found the cutest Christmas tree earrings, so whimsical and perfect for the holiday but she has so much more in her shop So you must have a see. there are some great beaded items classically done with stone and beautifully wire wrapped. She is also a member of the Art Jewelry Collective and the Etsy Texas Crafters (ETC)

She says she rarely makes two pieces alike, because she likes to have fun wearing jewelry, and seeing herself coming and going is not fun! Thought that was funny LOL! She does custom work so feel free to contact her. You can see her creative blog here.

I enjoyed looking in her shop, I think you will too.