Ya know I have been a little glass hermit? I have been toiling away in my studio, my house is a wreck, my tree is on the floor because my husband has misplaced the tree stand. Did I mention we are only putting up a tree with lights and candy canes because I am all to aware of what 5 kittens can do to a tree. I might just want to leave our tree on the floor and plug in the lights as it is LOL. humm I wonder what people would say?

Anyway with all that said, it is a little hectic here, so we went out to dinner tonight some times you have to do that when there are more dishes in the sink than there is in the cabinet -just kidding really. I watched my boys as we talked they are so funny the way they go from one subject to the next keeping in time as only siblings can do. I get a kick out of them.

We get home and all heck breaks loose it is time for showers and getting everything ready for school. Cooperation is not a 12 yr old boys strong point, have I mentioned that? So try 3 – 12 yr old boys! Chip informs me he will not be able to sleep tonight because Alex has accidentally exposed himself on the way to the shower-BOYs and nudity sheeesh. I already know all of this is stall tactics on all their behalf’s, funny but annoying okay.

Bed time at my house is just an untameable slumber party, although fun for them not fun for me. Tonight Alex was wound up so I would not let him get apple juice before he went to bed so from his bedroom for over 20 mins I got to listen to him sing “apple juice” over and over to the tune of Even Flow by Pearl Jam, as he laid in his bed- but guess what? He did NOT get apple Juice he can sing apple juice to an AC/DC song he will not get what he wants by harassing me! BOYS!

Sam my sweet Sam he is so good but he gets sad very easy. So we had the psych 101 talk tonight about how we can only change our selves we can’t change others- he is so much like me. He thinks everyone is as kind as he is and when they are not he is so shocked and can’t figure out what the hell happened. Poor boy- he is so good to the core- the world will be hard.

So I took a break from my creative journaling to let ya know all the mama stuff too. I am sure something creative comes from it as all experiences make us what we are.


caughtsleepnaroundagain.jpgI should have my head examined, keeping all 5 kittens! I just can’t help it they are like little children to me and I really love them. It is a daily event to watch them and some how they wash all the yucky things away. I probably miss my kids running about my house more than I admit so these kittens fill that little void. They climb on every studio surface I have, they eat non stop they are always in my chair and on my head, OH and the random wrestling is hilarious but watching them sleep is what gives me the sweetest sensation, it is peaceful, it is loving and it is what makes me happy…yeah I know it doesn’t take much to make me happy LOL.

I think the most interesting thing is watching them as a unit, the life study fascinates me. I really love seeing the way they act toward each other and who is in charge and all the little personalities. I do this with my children as well I probably should have been a sociologist the inner working of social groups just captivate me.

I know this doesn’t have any thing to do with creativity but it is part of my daily routine and maybe what puts me in my ZEN state to make my kiln creations. I do thinking being happy and being in balance is what brings good ideas. Turmoil and hate has a way of sucking that right out of a person. Find whatever makes you happy and beautiful things can come forth.

Art of all forms embeds it self in people at early ages. I find it fascinating that Patricia Vener ofsilverdragon.jpg Silver Dragon Creations has a history of performing arts and has harnessed her inner artist in all kinds of things. She is a (retired) ballerina as well as a published artist, She has also done illustrations for a CD picture book, “Papa CArdinal Finds Breakfast” by Sandra Wellborn. Patricia has so much to share with the world of Art.

Her Etsy shop is filled with beaded goodness. She adores many techniques and seems to change favorites or have multiple favorites depending on the result. At the moment branched fringe, (also known as corralling), right angle weave and Russian style Peyote and free form Peyote seem high on the list of favorites, but she says she has some thoughts for some other stitches that she really wants to play with. In the end, however, her favorite technique is the combining of weaves. I look forward to seeing new additions to her shop she says will be doing wearable sculpture. Sounds delightful Patricia.

I asked about her creative process of course and this is what Patrica had to say. “I’m not sure that the creative process, for me anyway, is at all quantifiable. Sometimes I have to actually think about it but as often as not – or maybe even more often – I just seem to get a vision. These especially occur just on that cusp of being when sleep gives way to waking. Then I will lay there in the semi-dark and study my vision(s) and maybe start working out some of the details. Other times I will work designs more purposely, building them, changing them, in my mind without or before setting pencil to paper. Some designs get sketched out while other never do but go from mental image directly to finished piece. Other times I will sketch out ideas. I am not consistent in the process but rather do what I sense needs to be done at any given moment for any given piece. Finally, there are the pieces that I let design themselves as I work them. There’s anmae for that in literature… Oh yes, stream of consciousness.

I love that she adds “Inspiration comes from so many places both external and internal. I wonder if this is true for everyone; I think it probably is. I love to play with color and form and I have seen and experienced much. Some inspiration is as quick as a flash but others come from a desire and careful thought.”

Patricia also says some of her works take months. “Hot Pink Fuzzy” for example took almost nine months from the initial thought to its final culmination. WOW!

I loved looking through her Silver Dragons Shop the details are amazing. Thanks so much for sharing Patrica.