foilage3.jpgI love photographing my jewelry in my hand. I wish I had pretty hands but they are the hands of a person that takes care of a family of 5- 3 being 12 yr old boys. I have my hands in unspeakable things LOL Oh and not to mention what I put my hands through to work on glass.

But I love to look at jewelry in hands it gives the true color of the piece, it shows how it looks on skin, it tells the size of the piece, although I have a small hand -so not sure how well it does that but you know what I mean. It give the piece some perspective it doesn’t have in other settings.

Some people have an aversion to seeing people “wear” the one of kind piece you are selling. It must give it a used feeling. So jewelry in your hand is about as close as you can get without wearing it. I my self love to see jewelry on but cater to the masses so my hand will do the job for now.

Hope my tiny crunchy artist hands don’t bother anyone? I guess if it dose I won’t know about it LOL

Have a look in my shop my hands have touched all the things I have made ha!-

chipper workingon Science Fair

chipper workingon Science Fair,
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Oh yes the endless Science Fair project. The project name – Is It Dry Yet? Which primary color will dry first? Red? Yellow? Blue? Here is the real question, does any one care? No but 2 little boys have really worked hard to find out.

So drum Roll Please………… The primary color that dried the fastest in all three trials WAS! BLUE!!!!! Darker colors dry fastest So there you go more than you wanted to know about drying paint.

They presented the project today at the fair we had a pretty impressive board I must say and the did an excellent job presenting So now we wait to see if they go regional.