I just got my 4 color business cards in the mail from overnight prints. I have never had “real business cards” printed for my business. For years I ran my little printer in to the ground printing my business cards and then cutting them. Oh the time I wasted! You can’t image how excited I am to have these. I struggled with the design. Ya I know the design is not that big a deal- big whoop right? There ia no great designing here, I just let me face and art speak for it’s self. I did several designs with and without my photo. My family told me I should have my photo on it. I am camera shy and not a fan of my own image. But the consensus was “who wouldn’t buy from that face” LOL My most logical son said “mom I like knowing who I am buying from” “it’s good to see a face with the art”. So I am stuck with these until I can get rid of 1000 cards.

Let me know what you think.

I am giddy with the thought of handing out business cards!

Thanks Overnight Prints!

Aqua Drops - Dangle Beaded Earrings

A special offer in my Etsy shop. When you purchase 2 or more glass items in my Etsy shop you get a free pair of Dangle Drop Earrings. They are glass beads on a long stiff stem with sterling ear wires. These can also be purchased if you are not inclined to buy 2 items this round. This offer will last as long as I have beads to make these little cute earrings.

Thanks for looking and happy shopping at shoozles

Over 2 weeks ago I had to cancel my trunk show because I got stomach flu- Oh that stinks!flutter2.jpg

It was to be the first one I have had since December so I was excited. It was post poned until this Thursday. I was more than delighted when I went to pick up my box of jewelry and over 50 pendants sold! Thank you JoAnne you re a blessing!

I call them Box Parties but Trunk Show? Box Party? Who cares what I call it. I especially like this group of ladies because they take the box and I leave it for the day- no work for me at all other than the Box Prep and store edit I do. I put over 100 items in my shop in edit plus the other 150 or so I had left in my party box. That gives me a nice healthy batch to give the ladies to look at. I constantly add items to these plastic flip top boxes, then when I get a call for this type of show I am off with plenty of stock all priced and named.

pleasantness4.jpgThe hostess of the box party gets 10% merchandise sales and if her party goes over $400 then she gets a bonus of $25 more dollars to spend. I have had excellent results with this type of sale, low stress and high reward!

I think I will be writing a step by step on this sort of show so stay tuned.

To see some of my creations visit my Etsy store

  lollies color choices       
I am not a huge fan of wholesale orders. I am asked quite often what I offer as wholesale. This means a few things to me when I hear it. It means, I will work harder for less money and I will be doing the same items over and over. I have done it before, I am not really into making the same items over and over and no matter how ya toss it, I will be doing the work. Consistency is the key to wholesale. Big companies want to be able to offer an item that will look the same for 100s of customers based on a photo they have published. And to be honest, that is what whole sale is about. Large orders that is the only way money can really be made.
For an artists this is neither fun nor worth the effort in most cases. I am more about creative freedom than anything.
With all my complaints put out in the open now, I will tell you I have now found a way to offer wholesale that is neither taxing for me as an artist and now consistency is firmly in place.
First Up for wholesale are 2 products I call Tarts & Lollies®. They are colorful, petite and cute and easy to make. Lollies are a small round colorful pendant and the Tarts are a bit bigger and square colorful as well. The retail on the Lollies is $10 to $12, tarts retail for $12 to$15. The wholesale price is based on the number you order so you must inquire with memonetlolly31.jpg on those prices and you must have a whole sale ID. Larger orders are welcome in fact preferred. I would rather not be contacted about wholesale orders unless you plan to order more than 10-20 at a time. My first batch of Lollies is headed out the door and I am really excited (but nervous) about this new adventure.
I offer these cute little pendants in my shop for retail -1 pendant at a time if you are NOT looking for wholesale.  To inquire about Tarts & Lollies® you can contact me HERE


I got an interesting inquiry this week that will change the way I “List” on Etsy.

A buyer on Etsy that shops quite often by category asked why people put older items up over and over(it’s called relisting, I call it chronic relisting). They said it is very confusing to the Buyer/shopper to go out and see the same items that were there last week or just yesterday. They also said at first they thought maybe nothing new had been added to the list since it was the same things they saw yesterday. They almost didn’t bother to go further. People tend to get board with seeing the same items over and over.

I did explain the relisting process and why some people do it. But just as a warning to Sellers, you may be driving potential customers away by listing the same items over and over. Confusion and stale look to a site can kill the customer base.

Keep it fresh try to mix it up a bit add new things as often as possible. I know we get busy and replenishing stock can be hard at times not to mention taking photos and everything else it takes to list an item but it will be worth your effort to list new items and limit relisting.

Think of customers first!

Start your Jewelry Business of right this year by promoting and getting things in a positive direction. I hope I can help.

I love selling on Etsy but the bulk of my business is outside of Etsy. I simply use Etsy as my website for customers that can’ t get to me. If you treat it like that you will not be disappointed. That is my first and most important advice.
Promoting your business locally and to people you have already sold to is not a waste of time, trust me. Always keep a log of customers name and addresses they are the ones you can promote to through the mail, I feel like people still like to get a little paper in their mail box some times. Giving discounts and customer codes on your promos is key. I also write a tiny personal Hello! too 🙂

Start with a simple post card promo. Keep it simple but not cheap looking and make sure a photo of your jewelry is on that card so people know who that card is coming from. A logo for your business is a good idea.

Let them know it is special offer for a limited time, when it starts and when it ends and what you are offering. One side of the post card is for design and the other side is for a small blurb and address you know the drill. This is also a good time to introduce your websites!

This is easy and you probably already knew all this but hey I thought I would remind you to start the new year off right and welcome your customers with open arms.

Happy new year, be creative and may 2008 be super successful for you.

Hey and please visit my site for my special- FREE Goody with purchase- see my shop announcement. http://shoozles.etsy.com

distantoceanmoon5.jpgAs a person that buys artful things and sells them. I try to remember – We like to see the actual item we are getting. Art should be well represented even if you have made 20 or 30 of the same style really it is nice to see the real item. There is nothing worse than buying what is considered to be original one of a kind and getting it in the mail only to find it was less than represented or even slightly different than the photo. Be considerate to your art buying customers and take the time to rephotograph similar items. In all fairness somethings less original have no need to be rephotographed.

All I know is the items I make tend to be a little more subject to what the heat will do so each item will truly be unique so I want them to be represented properly.

I have made over 25 of these ocean scenes within the past year and I made sure each one was photographed no matter how close it may have been to the last one I sold. It is just fair to my customers.