It’s about time!

Yesterday as I was web browsing I saw this little bit of news and I was quite happy to see it. The World Wide Web the information high way, is in deep need of people that can defend our reputations and images in cyber space.

Some people feel is is perfectly okay berate a person or a small business name for their own selfish reasons. When you are in your blog you are not in the privacy of your living room. You cannot talk about people as you see fit.

Reputation Defenders can make sure of that

Although this article and video clip is about a woman that was being defamed by a boy friend and it is in the more serious realm, the premise is the same, people can be hurt by what is said on the internet.

Names and businesses should be left out of your blog rants, otherwise you could be on the receiving end of some very bad news of your own. Don’t ruin your wonderful blogs and creative writing spaces with trash talk anyway -mkay


Please see my new blog for official instructions on this rubber channel.

When I started fusing 8 years ago, the silver bails you see on pendants were nowhere to be found so all my pendants were made with a channel that was made with fiber paper. The fiber paper does not burn in the kiln therefore it leaves a channel/hole that goes through the glass pendant. It was all I knew when I began fusing, then I discovered wire wrapping and that evolved then came the standard silver bails. I am as usual looking for innovated ways to make pendants look and function different. Early this summer I started making sterling silver roll bails those are nice too and it really steps up the piece since the silver is expensive and I necklaceon2.jpgmake the bails by hand. Within the last few weeks I have been working on a new way to wear the pendants- A no bail alternative to all these other devices.1tubedetail.jpg

This is called the hidden rubber channel. I spent some time wearing and testing the strength of this and have found it to be quite nice, not to mention how great is lays on a neck, plus comfort. I have to say the thing I like best about it -NO BAIL, the piece stands on it’s own like art hanging in a gallery.

If you have any questions about the hidden rubber channel jurubberbail.jpgst drop me a line. Trust me it is a great new way to wear pendants. To find products with this alternative channel go to