APRIL 28th – MAY 5th

Just in time for Mother’s Day, the Etsy Glass Artists are having a great sale. Each store will be having their own sale, everything from 10% off – BOGO 1/2 Off.
Check out the sale and shop now!

Here is a list of the participants…

Pam O.
Pam D.
Amanda and James



I search for the newest thing in fashion accessories all the time. I go to department stores and look around and see what is selling, I watch people shop. I sometimes engage with them about what they are looking at or even purchasing. For some reason I am completely comfortable doing this, must be the several years of craft shows and Home Jewelry Parties- heck I don’t know but they all talk to me and I find out just what I need to know. At least what I need to know to sell in my area/location.

This week my big adventure was Target, I saw lots of big earring hoops and bangles. I saw a lady pick up some bangles. I immediately said remember bangles when we were kids (we looked the same age) and she smiled and said yes and put them in her cart, I think target owes me commission LOL

My creative wheels started turning. I had to figure out a way to add my glass to the bangle cause ya know it is always about incorporating my glass. HA! It did not take me long. I ordered some nice hypoallergenic bangles some time ago thinking I could use them and this was the push I needed. So here is what I have new from the studio this weekend and fresh from my Target excursion. No trip or event is wasted, I must always take a piece from the places I have been and make them a special part of mybanglebirdcharm2.jpg creativity. New to My Etsy Shop.

Adornments By BJ please click here to see her etsy shop


So many lovely items in her shop, I especially like what she has doe with this featured item called Botswana Energy. I would love to see what she could do with a piece of my fused glass.

Her profile

My passion, and therefore my obsession is to create unique, one-of-a-kind beautiful artisan jewelry. I’ve been designing and creating jewelry for about a year and a half, and it has literally taken over my time and rejuvenated my life! I am a young retiree, and this has virtually changed my mundane existence. My shop on Etsy contains quite a variety to fit every style or occasion. I believe jewelry is selected subconsciously, reflecting your persona ~ your soul. You can be drawn to a stone metaphysically and not understand the attraction. My preference of materials leans toward natural elements ~ semi-precious gemstones, crystals, shells, wood , pearls, sterling silver and gold filled findings, and my latest addition: silk and braided cord used for my new series of Chinese Knot Jewelry. Custom Orders are Welcome ~ just convo me with your request.

I formerly created stained glass works of art, but since moving to Tennessee have not had a place to continue in that medium ~ hopefully my wish for a studio will come to be and I can again work with stained glass and maybe sell my creations on Etsy!

I am really fond of this Lady I even own an Anne Dundas LampWork of Art. I am trying to detach from itmyanne.jpg enough to give it to my mom for Christmas Anne LOL

All the way From Sydney, Australia is where Ann’s lampwork treasures come from. She has been creating jewellery since early 2004. It became her passion while taking care of her Mum who has MS she says. And from there it lead her to the wonderful world of lampwork beads. I know from talking to Anne she likes to pay with color pallets what did you call it? “bust a color rut?” LOL
Her Etsy shop is full of beautiful beads and Jewlery the photos are exquisite along with her work so please have a look at Annes Etsy here

annebracelet.jpgI first saw Anne’s Beads on Flickr but got to know her from EGA Etsy Glass Artist Street Team , we both belong to the EGA

She also does graphic design like business cards, etc for other jewellery designers. If you’d like to check them out, you can find her graphic goodness here:

She has a blog too :

I love it when I look at a shop and I think I have to have everything in there. Eve’s alilsumptinsumptin’s Etsy shop was just like that. Her photos were wonderful, her items are beautifully made and here is the greatness of it all 100% of the sale price her ‘PAWS FOR A GOOD CAUSE’ items are donated to the non-profit organization named in the listing. You can’t get much better than that. She has even listed how much the Paws For Good cause has made from her items. WOW great work EVA!eveflower.jpg

I enjoyed looking through her whole shop, She has whimsical beaded animal necklaces and then she has more sophisticated flower beaded pieces, there is a little bit for everyone in her shop. I like it all but I am especially drawn to this flower piece, probably because that colors is my fave.

I hope you will enjoy looking through her shop as much as I did.

I stumbled upon a Thread in Etsy by the Giftbarer, Thought this was great idea. The thread was about Featuring a different artist every day or so that signs up. I am not sure how everyone is doing it but I think I will be just browsing the shops and finding an Item I like and tell what I like about it.

My first feature is The autor of the thread Giftbarer- Pippit Carlington. She has some wonderfulPippit Carlington Art Jewelry in her shop but I have to say this item called -Hint At Something Deeper- just catches my eye. The copper and the sterling stamens just draw me in. The details of her work are amazing. If you are looking for a high end Art necklace she has what you are looking for. Please see her shop here and tell her shoozles sent you.

No Stink’n think’nHave you ever had the need for a voodoo Doll?
Some weeks just beg for a voodoo doll -Don’t they?

All in good fun!

My EGA Friend Marcy Sensed I need one a few months back and thought a well deserved poke to a glass doll would cheer me up, she was so right. I got the cutes little glass doll from her, complete with needles and seriously any anger I had was erased by the cuteness and the sweetness of her gift. I love what Marcy says “No Stink’n Think’n” it will bring you down. I love the great support I get from my EGA friends. Sometime I don’t even have to say any thing direct in our forum they see the need and jump to pump me up. Thank you everyone!

Marcy is always positive and kind with a twist of sarcasm that can make us cackle. It shows in herPuppy Love bead work for sure. She is super funny with her quirky titles and descriptions in her etsy shop, her work is truly amazing I am a proud owner of 2 of her items and will come back for more. Her sculpture beads are so captivating you just have to have one so you know what I mean. Make sure you stop by her shop and see all the fantastic fun she has to offer.

You Rock Marcy