Lost in shuffle, put off for last, screaming for attention.

What kinda of mom can’t hear their child? He is so important, my life revolves around them all, they have no idea. Being a triplet must be so hard, the sharing must be unbearable. The pushing the pulling, the competing for time and attention. There is 1 of me and 3 of them so I guess sometimes someone gets left out of the loop. This time it has been Alex.

I think I’ll change my ways…so all your words get noticed -Song by Forty Foot Echo that sums it up really. Sorry I didn’t listen.

I am sorry I didn’t pay attention. I love you little boy. I want to add it is hard to be the mama of these three! The tug of war someone was bound to get hurt.


I have to do it, I just have to get that shop in gear. Sales motivate me to make more stuff. It is not the money it’s the moving of inventory that motivates me. In my tiny mind it makes me think if someone buys it, I have made something good and when sales are low I get down and think maybe I SUCK. I know it is probably 12 year old thinking but this too shall pass. Every August I go through retail slump blues. So I am having a September-UNSLUMP sale! Okay unslump is not a word but I am using it any way LOL.

Here is the deal- Buy 2 and get a third one of equal or lesser value FREE. it’s not hard and I think any one can find 3 things in my shop they like right? Just convo(email me with the third choice and I will add it to your package. http://shoozles.etsy.com

Help me UNSLUMP!

angry keychainWhen I was a kid I remember my mom always lost her keys, she made the whole house crazy looking for them. Clearly I had not used them to drive after all I was only 10. By the time I was 12 I would watch her when she got home and note where she put those dang keys so I would not be the victim of a keyless mother rampage LOL. I lose a lot of things, Um especially scissors for some odd reason but I am a freak about MY keys. Thanks MOM! By the way I am in no way mad at my mom she was just tired from working her ass off and just wanted to sit down, she was on auto pilot by the time she got home. So in honor of her angry keyless rants I made something funny this week. Here is is, hope it makes you laugh.