I just got my 4 color business cards in the mail from overnight prints. I have never had “real business cards” printed for my business. For years I ran my little printer in to the ground printing my business cards and then cutting them. Oh the time I wasted! You can’t image how excited I am to have these. I struggled with the design. Ya I know the design is not that big a deal- big whoop right? There ia no great designing here, I just let me face and art speak for it’s self. I did several designs with and without my photo. My family told me I should have my photo on it. I am camera shy and not a fan of my own image. But the consensus was “who wouldn’t buy from that face” LOL My most logical son said “mom I like knowing who I am buying from” “it’s good to see a face with the art”. So I am stuck with these until I can get rid of 1000 cards.

Let me know what you think.

I am giddy with the thought of handing out business cards!

Thanks Overnight Prints!


It’s true good things do come in small packages. With one purchase you can get a sample of 8 artists work.

The Etsy Glass Artists (EGA) have put together a selection of sample sets for our summer promotion, a celebration of all things glass. Each collection will include 8 pieces. By one of 12 artists. The collections are composed of jewelry, gifts and designing components. Priced well below their value, it is a wonderful way to try out a variety of glass pieces. Shipping is included in the price of the EGA Collection and each participating artist has a different collection so be sure to check them all out.

The members participating are as follows:

To see all of the collections available search for “egacollection” or “egacollections”

EGA would like to thank Susan Sheehan for all her hard work putting the glass collections together and organizing this project.

Cari comes from Sunny Southern California she makes all her glass jewelry in her home garage studio. Lucky Duck!

I have admired this fused piece of Cari’s aka MonkeyBlues for some time now I bet she didn’t even know that? This piece pushes her creative limits. I enjoy the shape and and trickling glass dangle that hangs in the middle it comes with a leather cord. I am a lover of any thing artful and Cari seems to do just that with her Tailored Fused Glass Necklace.

Tailored Fused Glass Necklace

I thought this was a great achievement so I added Cari’s feature link in April,07 Brag pages Library of outstanding design in online Magazine.

I met Cari in our EGA Street Team she is a sweet heart and a pleasure to chat with, so glad I met you Cari. You can see her EGA interview and get to know Cari even better here.

Long time no Blog- Yikes! Sorry to all my reader friends, been a little busy.

I would like to introduce to you my glass ladies. These little gals will dance on your neck to only a tune they can hear LOL Whispers of songs fill their little bead heads, happiness is their mantra.

In my 20 something years of jewelry my mind happened upon some little ladies I made from polymer glass and beads I made tons of them only to wave good bye when glass came into my life. I thought of them often and how I could cross over the design to glass and after nearly nine years the new ladies have arrived. I hope you will enjoy them they are a labor of love. I have one last armless cripples lady from ages ago as a reminder all things can be revisited.

As always-Thanks for looking

APRIL 28th – MAY 5th

Just in time for Mother’s Day, the Etsy Glass Artists are having a great sale. Each store will be having their own sale, everything from 10% off – BOGO 1/2 Off.
Check out the sale and shop now!

Here is a list of the participants…

Pam O.
Pam D.
Amanda and James


No Stink’n think’nHave you ever had the need for a voodoo Doll?
Some weeks just beg for a voodoo doll -Don’t they?

All in good fun!

My EGA Friend Marcy Sensed I need one a few months back and thought a well deserved poke to a glass doll would cheer me up, she was so right. I got the cutes little glass doll from her, complete with needles and seriously any anger I had was erased by the cuteness and the sweetness of her gift. I love what Marcy says “No Stink’n Think’n” it will bring you down. I love the great support I get from my EGA friends. Sometime I don’t even have to say any thing direct in our forum they see the need and jump to pump me up. Thank you everyone!

Marcy is always positive and kind with a twist of sarcasm that can make us cackle. It shows in herPuppy Love bead work for sure. She is super funny with her quirky titles and descriptions in her etsy shop, her work is truly amazing I am a proud owner of 2 of her items and will come back for more. Her sculpture beads are so captivating you just have to have one so you know what I mean. Make sure you stop by her shop and see all the fantastic fun she has to offer.

You Rock Marcy

Please see my new blog for official instructions on this rubber channel.

When I started fusing 8 years ago, the silver bails you see on pendants were nowhere to be found so all my pendants were made with a channel that was made with fiber paper. The fiber paper does not burn in the kiln therefore it leaves a channel/hole that goes through the glass pendant. It was all I knew when I began fusing, then I discovered wire wrapping and that evolved then came the standard silver bails. I am as usual looking for innovated ways to make pendants look and function different. Early this summer I started making sterling silver roll bails those are nice too and it really steps up the piece since the silver is expensive and I necklaceon2.jpgmake the bails by hand. Within the last few weeks I have been working on a new way to wear the pendants- A no bail alternative to all these other devices.1tubedetail.jpg

This is called the hidden rubber channel. I spent some time wearing and testing the strength of this and have found it to be quite nice, not to mention how great is lays on a neck, plus comfort. I have to say the thing I like best about it -NO BAIL, the piece stands on it’s own like art hanging in a gallery.

If you have any questions about the hidden rubber channel jurubberbail.jpgst drop me a line. Trust me it is a great new way to wear pendants. To find products with this alternative channel go to

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