distantoceanmoon5.jpgAs a person that buys artful things and sells them. I try to remember – We like to see the actual item we are getting. Art should be well represented even if you have made 20 or 30 of the same style really it is nice to see the real item. There is nothing worse than buying what is considered to be original one of a kind and getting it in the mail only to find it was less than represented or even slightly different than the photo. Be considerate to your art buying customers and take the time to rephotograph similar items. In all fairness somethings less original have no need to be rephotographed.

All I know is the items I make tend to be a little more subject to what the heat will do so each item will truly be unique so I want them to be represented properly.

I have made over 25 of these ocean scenes within the past year and I made sure each one was photographed no matter how close it may have been to the last one I sold. It is just fair to my customers.


If you read my blog we might have 1 thing in common an addiction to glass or jewelry and wanting to make enough money to support our habit, right? More than supporting our habit would be even better. Well bear with me and I am going to point you in the right direction. This plan will work for the Jewelry designers/beaders too. It can work for most home based handmade items!

Display is keyWhen I first bought my kiln seven years ago I went off half-cocked. I didn’t think about what I would do with the things I made, and then I had buyers remorse. Huge purchase and ton of money in supplies, that was it. Kind of all dressed up and no place to go, if you know what I mean.

After a few years of struggling with Ebay, I put my big ol thinking cap on and devised a plan to broaden my fused glass adventure. I started doing Home Jewelry Parties. Much to my surprise, it worked. Ebay quickly fell by the way side, because the interaction with people was intoxicating and the money was GOOD!

Here are few tips to home party bliss:

1. Make a well planned brochure that outlines your party plan (I am going to make your life easier here; you can use my brochure as a guide as long as you don’t live near me LOL).
2. Have business cards on hand at all times and strategically hand them out. Creepy people do not need your info. ;)
3. Carry a calendar and brochures with you at all times.
4. Put a message on your answering machine that tells people they have reached the right place. Nothing’s worse than calling and not knowing if you reached the right place.
5. Make sure you wear what you make, otherwise what is the point? If you won’t wear it, who will?
6. Put on your seller face and voice in public. In other words smile and be nice. That draws them in to ask about what you are wearing.
7. Don’t over commit yourself. Ya gotta have time to make stock.
8. Present your items well. Put your creations on cards with a logo and contact info.
9. Make available to your customers chains and cords so they can wear their purchase right away or give them as gifts. Easy shopping is the key to great home parties.
10. If the budget allows – advertise. Make postcards and send them out to advertise special sales and shows you will be selling your works from. Add your logo and site info to your car. I can’t tell you how well that works for me.caradvertising.jpg

Your Etsy shop will grow with these parties. Your website makes you accessible to people outside of the parties.

I quit my real world job to do what I love. I am able to live off of it and support that glass addiction I have. Life is good!

Good luck in your new adventure! Hope this helps!

Click here If you would to see copy of my Home Jewelry Brochure and use it as a guide to make your own. I would love to know your thoughts and would love to share any other ideas you have as a party giver. This plan has worked wonders for my business. home-jewelry-part-new.pdf

nell.jpgI have talked about great customers in my blog before. But I have to share this wonderful thing. I have a dear customer that loved me enough to give me a gift, Yes give ME the gift! That has got to be rare. I have been selling for 8 years and it has never happened before. It was so sweet and so well thought out she just knew my soft spot for stuffed things especially ones that look as if they need a home. How? I don’t know maybe a careful look at my feedback or maybe she just could sense it. She is a treasure for giving me something I have such a hard time giving my self. As a mom my needs come last especially for something like a cute sweet stuffed plushie Like this Nell cat made by

My Sweet customer sent me a note to go choose a gift from this shop, I just about cried. There were so many wonderful babies to look at. Scottie’s, tiddlywinks shop is full of handmade goodness one cute doll after another. They have safety eyes and a hand embroidered faces. The plushies are all cotton, so they are totally washable and super cuddly. Please go look in her shop and see all her cute babies in a line she calls sweetpeas. I forgot to mention Excellent customer service as well.

Scottie I am sure you will understand I renamed Nell to Joanell :)) Thanks to Tiddlywinks and my much loved customer what a way to make me feel special.

I have to do it, I just have to get that shop in gear. Sales motivate me to make more stuff. It is not the money it’s the moving of inventory that motivates me. In my tiny mind it makes me think if someone buys it, I have made something good and when sales are low I get down and think maybe I SUCK. I know it is probably 12 year old thinking but this too shall pass. Every August I go through retail slump blues. So I am having a September-UNSLUMP sale! Okay unslump is not a word but I am using it any way LOL.

Here is the deal- Buy 2 and get a third one of equal or lesser value FREE. it’s not hard and I think any one can find 3 things in my shop they like right? Just convo(email me with the third choice and I will add it to your package.

Help me UNSLUMP!

I don’t know why Halloween is my favorite holiday but it is. Maybe it is the season change or the memories I have as a kid, who knows? I truly get excited when I start to see the Halloween stuff in stores, CRAZY I know, I also know I am not the only one that feels this way, otherwise retail stores all over America have lost their minds <—– okay that might be true but anyway I have restrained my self as long as I could and here is my Halloween offering. I was kinda excited to get tHalloween funo use other stuff with my glass.

Just glass and Halloween brads for scrap booking who knew that would be a cute bracelet? See more of this Spooky bracelet in my etsy store

green blossom BarrettesIt’s always about “NEW” Maybe I get bored easy, or maybe I am afraid my target audience will not come in and look at my shop if I don’t change it up from time to time. I am probably right about both of these things. I feel the need to offer items for a younger crowd and I have to keep in mind not everyone likes the same things as me. For instance I made these hair barrettes today, I am 40 and not a cool 40 okay? So I would look like an idiot if I wore them. I guess I had to step out of my box today. I have had this idea for over a year I bought the felt flowers last fall and never got the nerve to do these, thinking the idea was dumb now this stuff is everywhere. Who Knew-well I guess I did LOL the moral of the story go with your gut and step out of your little box.

blackbirdintree13.jpg             another custom order               multiple custom order

There are some customers that make you wish you could give it away for free. I hate to make the lottery statement but I do believe if I won, I would still make glass jewelry and I do believe I would list it to give it away. Go ahead God try me see if I will do it! Give me millions and see if I am the one person that does exactly what I said I would do before the money landed in my lap!

I have some of the best customers, they make me glad I wake up in the morning, they make me say thing under my breath like “I love my job” they give me feedback that can make me cry it is so good. They make me want to give freely, I may have been born with that little personality trait, but a great buyer can make my little tiny day, not for the purchase but for the way they treat me like it is a joy to own what I have made.

Go have a look at my feedback

Thanks to all of you from the bottom of my heart-you know who you are