Anyway hello friends!
I’m  Michelle. Shoozles, it’s a nick name that goes way back and stuck with me so now it is my company name. I am an artist/jewelry maker, former graphic designer mother of TRIPLETS. Yes that is right 3 little boys they are 11 and they are fantastic.
I have made all kinds of jewelry for over 17 years but nothing compares to fusing glass. It is a gift to me I cannot explain. I am a creative soul. my world revolves around being creative. When I am being creative I don’t have pain so you might say I am addicted to. Better than any drug there is.

Of the 17 years in jewelry I have fused glass for 7 of those years now. My fusing anniversary just came up HA! I never get tired of creating ART for people to wear, just makes me happy. If you asked me what my greatest job has ever been I would tell you it is being a mom to my 3, 11 yr old boys. They are the reason I work from my home now and gave up that high pressure advertising and design job 🙂 No regrets I tell ya!

I am new to blogging, I am a horrible speller and I don’t even know what grammar and punctuation is. So forgive my ignorance and just love me for my open beautiful soul. I just want to share I don’t want to beat up for not knowing how to convey it.
Thanks for stopping by

More photo of stuff that has sold and pics of my family on Flickr:


5 Responses to “About Shoozles- Creative Soul”

  1. erica chenelle Says:

    Hi Michelle! what a great site this is!:)

  2. Mary Tousman Says:

    Hi Michelle.
    The dazzling earrings you sent me where sensational. I appreciated your customer service as well. You work is superand I’m so glad I found you!

    Mary Tousman

  3. glassart Says:

    I love reading your posts! I added your blog to my blogroll. I was wondering if you would like to add my blog to your blogroll. My blog is


  4. glassart Says:

    Hi Shoozles,

    Thanks for putting my blog on your blogroll!

    Could you make the name of it Masters Glass Art?


  5. Suzanne Says:

    Hi Shoozles!

    I love you for the creative soul you are and you never stop to amaze me with your creations! I love them! You rock!

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