August 2008

I just got my 4 color business cards in the mail from overnight prints. I have never had “real business cards” printed for my business. For years I ran my little printer in to the ground printing my business cards and then cutting them. Oh the time I wasted! You can’t image how excited I am to have these. I struggled with the design. Ya I know the design is not that big a deal- big whoop right? There ia no great designing here, I just let me face and art speak for it’s self. I did several designs with and without my photo. My family told me I should have my photo on it. I am camera shy and not a fan of my own image. But the consensus was “who wouldn’t buy from that face” LOL My most logical son said “mom I like knowing who I am buying from” “it’s good to see a face with the art”. So I am stuck with these until I can get rid of 1000 cards.

Let me know what you think.

I am giddy with the thought of handing out business cards!

Thanks Overnight Prints!


I have a new blog

WordPress is lovely I love the stats but adding a photo or a video is a pain and I would eventually like to advertise on my blog as well.

I have not given up my wordpress blog altogether. I apologize for leaving it stale though. When they made some changes some time back it made it hard to work in for me anyway. Any thing that frustrates me that was supposed to be relaxing will get neglected quick LOL

SO I hope you will RSS my new blog and visit me there. thank you everyone for joining me here.

Summer Seems long when 3 twelve year olds and their many friends have made your home their personal club house. This maybe my fault I have to know they are safe.

My studio time is disrupted by mini wrestling matches over who ate the last bowl of Captain Crunch and the remote control has been in places I don’t care to mention for God knows why. Then there is lunch and dinner and the extra cleaning I have to do because everyone is here. I won’t even mention how much I hate the sound of the phone. just pure interruption anxiety.

Sound like I am complaining? I am! I am selfish. I love quiet, I crave it like a huge candy bar. I can’t hear my creative voice with all the noise so it just makes me plain cranky. I can’t be the only mom that feels this way by mid August?

I adore my kids my world revolves around them but if this relationship were a blood transfusion I would be a bag a bones at this point. I am tapped, no more plasma. It is time for them to go to school so I can regenerate some blood LOL.

I may have to delete this post later when I don’t feel so cranky but I just had to get that out. Most of all I want everyone to know I love my funny boys.

I ask that because it has crossed my mind a time or two.

What makes a good blog to advertise on? I have anywhere from 30 to 150 readers the average is 40-50. Probably does not constitute a great blog to tote your wares on but if you have some positive thoughts I would love to hear them. Keep in mind I never said I was a great writer, I am always thankful for my other gifts LOL.

Sorry I have been away from blogging for the summer always crazy with the kiddos at home.

Thanks for reading friends