Well the outdoor Route 66 festival we planned on doing is rained out for today. Saturday has hopes of being a great day so fingers crossed it will pan out.

I have been working on Show display that is always a challenge for me because my mind is always on making product not displaying it so it will attract customers. I got my thinking cap on, that along with dollar frames small and large with some thin foam and crazy paper, cut to fit the frames I placed them on easels. The idea is set upon wearing art so when people walk into our booth that is exactly what they will see wearable art in frames easy to remove because the jewelry is pined inside the frame. the customer can happily walk away with their purchases. My hope tomorrow is to get photos of our full display. EZ up tent, Shoozles banner, swag, risers and table covers, my dollar frames and lights.

Wish us luck with this and many shows to come this season.