June 2008

It’s true good things do come in small packages. With one purchase you can get a sample of 8 artists work.

The Etsy Glass Artists (EGA) have put together a selection of sample sets for our summer promotion, a celebration of all things glass. Each collection will include 8 pieces. By one of 12 artists. The collections are composed of jewelry, gifts and designing components. Priced well below their value, it is a wonderful way to try out a variety of glass pieces. Shipping is included in the price of the EGA Collection and each participating artist has a different collection so be sure to check them all out.

The members participating are as follows:

To see all of the collections available search for “egacollection” or “egacollections”

EGA would like to thank Susan Sheehan for all her hard work putting the glass collections together and organizing this project.

Kumquat Tingle - Wire Wrapped Fused Glass Pendant Large

Inspiration is a funny thing. It can come from almost anywhere, the littlest things can spark inspiration. The way a crumpled piece a paper lays, the way a shadow cast across a yard, even in my case when a batch of glass falls to the floor and makes a large crash and a huge mess even music can inspire us-so why not a scent a glorious smell. Can a scent inspire us to create? maybe if it is a great one hey? Anyone that knows me knows I love orange and struggle not to use it in my work but oh man after I got a whiff of this soap by daisycakessoap all bets were off it rekindled my love for the color orange LOL No kidding!

I shopped late for my own mothers day gift again this year and I popped over to JM’s shop knowing full well I would buy something fresh and fruity. Kumquat was perfect because it was orange. I had no idea what it smelled like- I totally trust JM and I knew it would be good but never knew it would smell this yummy. I keep telling her I swear I didn’t eat it but it smells good enough to lick.

Now everyday I can smell that soap at my studio sink and it really sunk into me because now I can’t quit making orange pendants- Like I ever could ha ha!

This pendant is in honor of JMs soap and my love for Kumquat Soap- Thanks for making my studio smell great!

Well the outdoor Route 66 festival we planned on doing is rained out for today. Saturday has hopes of being a great day so fingers crossed it will pan out.

I have been working on Show display that is always a challenge for me because my mind is always on making product not displaying it so it will attract customers. I got my thinking cap on, that along with dollar frames small and large with some thin foam and crazy paper, cut to fit the frames I placed them on easels. The idea is set upon wearing art so when people walk into our booth that is exactly what they will see wearable art in frames easy to remove because the jewelry is pined inside the frame. the customer can happily walk away with their purchases. My hope tomorrow is to get photos of our full display. EZ up tent, Shoozles banner, swag, risers and table covers, my dollar frames and lights.

Wish us luck with this and many shows to come this season.

Cari comes from Sunny Southern California she makes all her glass jewelry in her home garage studio. Lucky Duck!

I have admired this fused piece of Cari’s aka MonkeyBlues for some time now I bet she didn’t even know that? This piece pushes her creative limits. I enjoy the shape and and trickling glass dangle that hangs in the middle it comes with a leather cord. I am a lover of any thing artful and Cari seems to do just that with her Tailored Fused Glass Necklace.

Tailored Fused Glass Necklace

I thought this was a great achievement so I added Cari’s feature link in April,07 Brag pages Library of outstanding design in Beadbugle.com online Magazine.

I met Cari in our EGA Street Team she is a sweet heart and a pleasure to chat with, so glad I met you Cari. You can see her EGA interview and get to know Cari even better here. www.etsyglass.com

Long time no Blog- Yikes! Sorry to all my reader friends, been a little busy.

I would like to introduce to you my glass ladies. These little gals will dance on your neck to only a tune they can hear LOL Whispers of songs fill their little bead heads, happiness is their mantra.

In my 20 something years of jewelry my mind happened upon some little ladies I made from polymer glass and beads I made tons of them only to wave good bye when glass came into my life. I thought of them often and how I could cross over the design to glass and after nearly nine years the new ladies have arrived. I hope you will enjoy them they are a labor of love. I have one last armless cripples lady from ages ago as a reminder all things can be revisited.

As always-Thanks for looking