April 2008

APRIL 28th – MAY 5th

Just in time for Mother’s Day, the Etsy Glass Artists are having a great sale. Each store will be having their own sale, everything from 10% off – BOGO 1/2 Off.
Check out the sale and shop now!

Here is a list of the participants…

Dee http://willowglass.etsy.com
Lis http://liskidder.etsy.com
Michelle http://shoozles.etsy.com
Jo http://dogmawglass.etsy.com
Susan http://susansheehan.etsy.com
Amanda http://rufusandroxy.etsy.com
Marcy http://StudioMarcy.etsy.com
Kristy http://chickadeebeads.etsy.com
Leah http://LeahPellegrini.etsy.com
Rhonda http://RWillisGlassArtist.etsy.com
Cari http://monkeyblues.etsy.com
Pam O. http://psodesign.etsy.com
Carol http://glasscat.etsy.com
Paula http://paulasstressart.etsy.com
Pam D. http://MyCabinCreations.etsy.com
Mandy http://prizmatic.etsy.com
Wendy http://wendylee.etsy.com
Sheryl http://jochris12.etsy.com
Crystal http://popko.etsy.com
Poppy http://groovyglassgirl.etsy.com
Molly http://msotherdenartglass.etsy.com
Vicki http://vickileigh.etsy.com
Kris http://creationsbykris.etsy.com
Amanda and James http://blackriverbeads.etsy.com
Lyn http://artemislampwork.etsy.com
Mary http://SierraArtGlass.etsy.com


The trouble with being creative is all the “other” work that goes along with it. I have been working like crazy to get ready for some trunk shows(thanks C) I just keep adding pendants and earring and pins to a little round box and tell my self “okay ya got to put all that on cards” I may have to hire my kiddos again to card my jewelry. I really dislike that part of the process LOL.

So here is a peek at the box I have been adding to for a few weeks. What does not sell will slowly be added to my Etsy shop I am sure.

wire wrapping test

Originally uploaded by shoozles67

This is the video I did last spring on how to wire wrap. It is in slow motion so you can see the steps to wrapping a glass cabochon. I sell these class cabochons in my etsy shop with grooves and with out. I apologize ahead of time the video cuts off at the end because my battery ran out GRRRRR. I have plans to do this over but maybe this is a start for all of you great jewelry designers out there.

Flickr controversy about videos

I thought it was a positive new thing to add videos to flickr. I was quite excited. All things change and grow. Flicker owners are expanding for new generations although I highly doubt teens will come to flickr to buy a pro account to up load a mini clip when utube is a free for all. There are options if a person does not want to view videos on flickr. I hope I don’t lose friends because I up load videos? Yikes

Besides how can the world evolve to moving photos like in the Harry Potter movie if photos and video do not merge? haha

All change creates chaos- some people like to stand in the boat LOL

Okay Crazyness! I am prepping for a Home party for the 23rd of April. Then this week I got a call form Jacoby Art Center and Gallery, they have asked me to present my jewelry during an Art fashion Show. I can’t tell you how exciting this is for me. Needless to say I have been relising on Etsy more than I usually do because I have to add to my stash for these shows. So I apologize.

The Fashion show is – May 2 at 6pm
The tickets are 15 dollars in advance and 20 dollars at the door. This includes food and wine and show.

This gallery is huge and cool- can’t wait to show pictures. keep a look out

I have no idea how I will do or if I will fit in to the venue but it was so exciting to be invited.

Wish me Luck!