flickrversaryme.jpgTomorrow marks my 2 year anniversary with Flickr. It is one of my most favorite places to visit on the internet each day. I get such great support there and the friends I have made are irreplaceable. It is the place I discovered Etsy, it is the place I gathered some self esteem, it is a habit that I can’t say I wish to break.

I joined the SPT Self Portrait Thursdays(A flickr group) some time ago and kept thinking okay Michelle just so this, I am not fond of photos of my self I pick my self apart. So today I finally posted a photo to the flickr group. Fingers crossed I can do this each Thursday. I tried the 365 days project but I gotta tell ya I don’t like to take photos of my self enough to do that haha!

Any way if you get a chance check out flickr and all the awesome photos groups there is a place for eveyone really.

Thanks to Flickr and all my Flickr friends