March 2008

Over 2 weeks ago I had to cancel my trunk show because I got stomach flu- Oh that stinks!flutter2.jpg

It was to be the first one I have had since December so I was excited. It was post poned until this Thursday. I was more than delighted when I went to pick up my box of jewelry and over 50 pendants sold! Thank you JoAnne you re a blessing!

I call them Box Parties but Trunk Show? Box Party? Who cares what I call it. I especially like this group of ladies because they take the box and I leave it for the day- no work for me at all other than the Box Prep and store edit I do. I put over 100 items in my shop in edit plus the other 150 or so I had left in my party box. That gives me a nice healthy batch to give the ladies to look at. I constantly add items to these plastic flip top boxes, then when I get a call for this type of show I am off with plenty of stock all priced and named.

pleasantness4.jpgThe hostess of the box party gets 10% merchandise sales and if her party goes over $400 then she gets a bonus of $25 more dollars to spend. I have had excellent results with this type of sale, low stress and high reward!

I think I will be writing a step by step on this sort of show so stay tuned.

To see some of my creations visit my Etsy store


flickrversaryme.jpgTomorrow marks my 2 year anniversary with Flickr. It is one of my most favorite places to visit on the internet each day. I get such great support there and the friends I have made are irreplaceable. It is the place I discovered Etsy, it is the place I gathered some self esteem, it is a habit that I can’t say I wish to break.

I joined the SPT Self Portrait Thursdays(A flickr group) some time ago and kept thinking okay Michelle just so this, I am not fond of photos of my self I pick my self apart. So today I finally posted a photo to the flickr group. Fingers crossed I can do this each Thursday. I tried the 365 days project but I gotta tell ya I don’t like to take photos of my self enough to do that haha!

Any way if you get a chance check out flickr and all the awesome photos groups there is a place for eveyone really.

Thanks to Flickr and all my Flickr friends

Well as promised I have to show you my trade I made with my newest flickr friend M-C1

She has some lovely items in her shop cards, art, photography and buttons but ya know every girl has got to have a mirror and whatmirror.jpg better way to do it, than in fun beeczarcardsandgifts style. These little button style pocket mirrors are sturdy and great for your purse and as I told Marie-Claire owner of (beeczarcardsandgifts) what goes better with jewelry than a mirror? Gotta check your look in these cute button mirrors and here is the greatest thing she can customize them for you. When I got my package I opened it up to find a sweet surprise, she had printed a picture of my favorite kitten on the back of one of the button mirrors. That was the best ya know?

What a great trade, what a great lady please check out her Etsy shop beeczarcardsandgifts

Thanks M-C