Okay I have a problem! I am admitting it. I sometimes laugh when people fall. No matter how bad I try not to laugh I just loose it. Not when they are in real pain but you know tripping or just not paying attention and stumble. I won’t get into to what I think happens to my self when I see a person fall. I just can help it. Maybe it’s nerves that make me giggle, I don’t know. I have shame but I don’t think there is much I can do.

So anyway on with why I am confessing this sad problem I have.

I have a computer chair that was on it’s last leg and for the life of me I could not fix it. In fact it was down right dangerous, I have a bruised hip and elbow to prove it! So I put it out for trash pick up or if anyone was so inclined to fix the wretched contraption- it was all theirs. So out it went cause I was not taking any more chances. So today Out side my door, I heard a truck pull up I looked out the window, oh yes just as I figured, someone was more than happy to take the beast of a chair off my hands but not before doing a test sit. I thought NOOOOOOO don’t sit in that thing it has it’s own ejection button. And then it happened no kidding I would pay to see this circus act again over and over. No kidding I am laughing now so hard I almost can’t write this. The guy pulls up looks at the chair like he is shopping at Macy’s department store. Turns it, rolls it, then plopped into it like they were friends, only to be totally rejected by this god awful seat! I thought I would pee my pants. It tilted and bucked like a rodeo bull and out he went on to my lawn. He popped up very quick(Get Smart like) looked around to see if anyone saw the interaction between he and the chair. I will never forget the look on his face, the horror, no pain that I could tell just pure embarrassment and offense that anyone would put that chair out there for him to sit on-Like I offered him a trick chair.

So did he take the chair? Hell yes he took it, I have no idea why, after it offended him so. Just goes to show doesn’t matter- Ones mans trash is another mans rodeo bull chair treasure LOL