upcyclesam2.jpgFor 8 years now I have been using a diamond grinder and bits. So my collection of used bits, is crazy. I refuse to add them to land fill, I know things like glass and metal just never break down. I have tried the recycled bits and I have to say not impressed.

This is my son Sam’s dream creation he was so cute. Over Christmas break we brain Stormed about what to do with my use grinder bits “Robots MOM”Sam Said! That is what we did. Hand painted by Sam (12 yrs old) wired and beaded by MOM- He is so proud šŸ™‚ and so am I .

We talk about how to make the world better not about what is wrong with the world- I love you Sam

You can purchase Robot Sam from my Etsy shop http://shoozles.etsy.com