I got an interesting inquiry this week that will change the way I “List” on Etsy.

A buyer on Etsy that shops quite often by category asked why people put older items up over and over(it’s called relisting, I call it chronic relisting). They said it is very confusing to the Buyer/shopper to go out and see the same items that were there last week or just yesterday. They also said at first they thought maybe nothing new had been added to the list since it was the same things they saw yesterday. They almost didn’t bother to go further. People tend to get board with seeing the same items over and over.

I did explain the relisting process and why some people do it. But just as a warning to Sellers, you may be driving potential customers away by listing the same items over and over. Confusion and stale look to a site can kill the customer base.

Keep it fresh try to mix it up a bit add new things as often as possible. I know we get busy and replenishing stock can be hard at times not to mention taking photos and everything else it takes to list an item but it will be worth your effort to list new items and limit relisting.

Think of customers first!