caughtsleepnaroundagain.jpgI should have my head examined, keeping all 5 kittens! I just can’t help it they are like little children to me and I really love them. It is a daily event to watch them and some how they wash all the yucky things away. I probably miss my kids running about my house more than I admit so these kittens fill that little void. They climb on every studio surface I have, they eat non stop they are always in my chair and on my head, OH and the random wrestling is hilarious but watching them sleep is what gives me the sweetest sensation, it is peaceful, it is loving and it is what makes me happy…yeah I know it doesn’t take much to make me happy LOL.

I think the most interesting thing is watching them as a unit, the life study fascinates me. I really love seeing the way they act toward each other and who is in charge and all the little personalities. I do this with my children as well I probably should have been a sociologist the inner working of social groups just captivate me.

I know this doesn’t have any thing to do with creativity but it is part of my daily routine and maybe what puts me in my ZEN state to make my kiln creations. I do thinking being happy and being in balance is what brings good ideas. Turmoil and hate has a way of sucking that right out of a person. Find whatever makes you happy and beautiful things can come forth.