Every Year I do these two big shows. Then I focus on the small venues and parties. I am always so relieved when they are over. I even need a day to just not be in my studio and yesterday was it. I made cookies I am not supposed to eat and cleaned my house that was neglected for a month because I was getting ready for this big craft show. A Deep Breath and now I ready to go again LOL

Over 50 pendants sold at the show I have to say the show was a lot lower this year than in the past 5 years I have done it. Little over saturated with not so good jewelry. Makes me sad because I could see the craft show patrons not even venture down my direction because they were worn out by the piles of beaded junk they had already been subject to. All in all I would say it was not bad sales wise. The jingle pendant went like hot cakes wish I would have had even more of those and more Christmas charms would have been tops on the list. And I would say small pendants are HOT! At least in Illinois that is what is selling.

So there we go I am off to restock for my next venue Get Ready Tina! 🙂