cryztalring.jpgGet a look in this shop there are gemstone and silver treasures in every click. Great descriptions and nice photos just a pleasant shopping experience all the way around.

I fisrt want to tell about the About the Z in her shop and business name- She says The “Z” in Cryztalvisions? It’s an homage to a wonderful teachers who pronounced crystals: “creezzztals”

You can tell that each piece is lovingly handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail. She has been designing unique jewelry and gift items for over 20years. Selling on line for 7 years.

I am especially drawn to what she says here in her profile “Along the way I have also been drawn to studying and practicing various energy healing arts, like Reiki, chakra balancing, Earth based energy medicine, shamanic practices, and Angel Therapy. I have found combining my love of minerals, my artistic eye and skill in jewelry fabrication and design, along with my heightened sensitivity to energies creates a powerful synergy. I love to immerse myself in the creative process and I’m fascinated when some pieces seem to magically design themselves. I am pleased to share my passion with you”cryztalnecklace.jpg

I want to meet this lovely lady! I love what she says about her work “I delight in creating these pieces! Each one is unique, with its own energy that I feel as I work with the materials. They transport me to a place of deep knowing, relaxation and happiness as I work. My pieces not only look wonderful when worn, but also carry with them the special healing energies of each gemstone or crystal. My work is a constant exploration of the interconnectedness of all life.” So fascinating makes me want to own one of her works.

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