I am a wire lover my self so I found some wonderful things in this shop!wyredbracelet.jpg

Originally born and partially raised in NB Canada, she fell in love with beading at the tender age of eight. It was a Christmas gift her grandparents gave her- a large beading kit! From then on she was always making some form of jewelry or another. The only thing thats changed are range of materials from plastic stretch cord and plastic pony beads to sterling silver and precious stones.

Her newest realization is discovering she can’t completely limit the materials she works with and be happy for very long. I love what she says “Each piece of Jewelry I make is an extension of myself to you, there’s no mass produced here just pieces that are as unique and special as you are.” what a great compliment to the customer. Uniqueness counts that is for sure!

She is a member of etsy moms street team and Etsy Bags www.freewebs.com/wyredonwire
Have a look at her blog too www.wyredonwire.blogspot.com

Click here to see her Etsy shop Wyredonwire

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