I love it when I look at a shop and I think I have to have everything in there. Eve’s alilsumptinsumptin’s Etsy shop was just like that. Her photos were wonderful, her items are beautifully made and here is the greatness of it all 100% of the sale price her ‘PAWS FOR A GOOD CAUSE’ items are donated to the non-profit organization named in the listing. You can’t get much better than that. She has even listed how much the Paws For Good cause has made from her items. WOW great work EVA!eveflower.jpg

I enjoyed looking through her whole shop, She has whimsical beaded animal necklaces and then she has more sophisticated flower beaded pieces, there is a little bit for everyone in her shop. I like it all but I am especially drawn to this flower piece, probably because that colors is my fave.

I hope you will enjoy looking through her shop as much as I did. http://alilsumptinsumptins.etsy.com