No Stink’n think’nHave you ever had the need for a voodoo Doll?
Some weeks just beg for a voodoo doll -Don’t they?

All in good fun!

My EGA Friend Marcy Sensed I need one a few months back and thought a well deserved poke to a glass doll would cheer me up, she was so right. I got the cutes little glass doll from her, complete with needles and seriously any anger I had was erased by the cuteness and the sweetness of her gift. I love what Marcy says “No Stink’n Think’n” it will bring you down. I love the great support I get from my EGA friends. Sometime I don’t even have to say any thing direct in our forum they see the need and jump to pump me up. Thank you everyone!

Marcy is always positive and kind with a twist of sarcasm that can make us cackle. It shows in herPuppy Love bead work for sure. She is super funny with her quirky titles and descriptions in her etsy shop, her work is truly amazing I am a proud owner of 2 of her items and will come back for more. Her sculpture beads are so captivating you just have to have one so you know what I mean. Make sure you stop by her shop and see all the fantastic fun she has to offer.

You Rock Marcy