October 2007

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So many lovely items in her shop, I especially like what she has doe with this featured item called Botswana Energy. I would love to see what she could do with a piece of my fused glass.

Her profile

My passion, and therefore my obsession is to create unique, one-of-a-kind beautiful artisan jewelry. I’ve been designing and creating jewelry for about a year and a half, and it has literally taken over my time and rejuvenated my life! I am a young retiree, and this has virtually changed my mundane existence. My shop on Etsy contains quite a variety to fit every style or occasion. I believe jewelry is selected subconsciously, reflecting your persona ~ your soul. You can be drawn to a stone metaphysically and not understand the attraction. My preference of materials leans toward natural elements ~ semi-precious gemstones, crystals, shells, wood , pearls, sterling silver and gold filled findings, and my latest addition: silk and braided cord used for my new series of Chinese Knot Jewelry. Custom Orders are Welcome ~ just convo me with your request.

I formerly created stained glass works of art, but since moving to Tennessee have not had a place to continue in that medium ~ hopefully my wish for a studio will come to be and I can again work with stained glass and maybe sell my creations on Etsy!


Art of all forms embeds it self in people at early ages. I find it fascinating that Patricia Vener ofsilverdragon.jpg Silver Dragon Creations has a history of performing arts and has harnessed her inner artist in all kinds of things. She is a (retired) ballerina as well as a published artist, She has also done illustrations for a CD picture book, “Papa CArdinal Finds Breakfast” by Sandra Wellborn. Patricia has so much to share with the world of Art.

Her Etsy shop is filled with beaded goodness. She adores many techniques and seems to change favorites or have multiple favorites depending on the result. At the moment branched fringe, (also known as corralling), right angle weave and Russian style Peyote and free form Peyote seem high on the list of favorites, but she says she has some thoughts for some other stitches that she really wants to play with. In the end, however, her favorite technique is the combining of weaves. I look forward to seeing new additions to her shop she says will be doing wearable sculpture. Sounds delightful Patricia.

I asked about her creative process of course and this is what Patrica had to say. “I’m not sure that the creative process, for me anyway, is at all quantifiable. Sometimes I have to actually think about it but as often as not – or maybe even more often – I just seem to get a vision. These especially occur just on that cusp of being when sleep gives way to waking. Then I will lay there in the semi-dark and study my vision(s) and maybe start working out some of the details. Other times I will work designs more purposely, building them, changing them, in my mind without or before setting pencil to paper. Some designs get sketched out while other never do but go from mental image directly to finished piece. Other times I will sketch out ideas. I am not consistent in the process but rather do what I sense needs to be done at any given moment for any given piece. Finally, there are the pieces that I let design themselves as I work them. There’s anmae for that in literature… Oh yes, stream of consciousness.

I love that she adds “Inspiration comes from so many places both external and internal. I wonder if this is true for everyone; I think it probably is. I love to play with color and form and I have seen and experienced much. Some inspiration is as quick as a flash but others come from a desire and careful thought.”

Patricia also says some of her works take months. “Hot Pink Fuzzy” for example took almost nine months from the initial thought to its final culmination. WOW!

I loved looking through her Silver Dragons Shop the details are amazing. Thanks so much for sharing Patrica.


Chinese brush painting is about quiet serenity and modesty. Each piece is meant to be a step forward. An inner reflection. A quiet discussion. It’s about moving forward.

Ren Adams says “If I am improving, that’s all I care about.”

Chinese brush painting: single-stroke painting which uses hand-ground inks and watercolors.
Artist Ren Adams also likes working with oil pastels on plastic Yupo paper (it creates neat watery effects) she says.

I my self am fascinated with the creative process. I think Chinese brush painting seems much different than traditional painting. So I asked her about her her process. I really love what she says about the paintings, such a beautiful way to put it just makes me think about paining and what it means to live in the now. Her reply “When I’m working on my brush paintings, they are done in one sitting. They might take only a few moments or a few hours. Brush paintings are meant to live in the “now” and to be a form of immediacy, so I can’t set them aside and come back to them several days later (in most cases). They need to be completed in one thought. Sometimes I can be at my painting table for hours and hours in a row. Other times, it’s only a matter of minutes.”

Adams rents space at an art studio in downtown Albuquerque (The Factory on 5th Art Space). “In between paintings, she says she usually sits outside and engage the other artists. Then they all retreat to thier own studios to create.”

Ren also Says and I have to quote her again because she said so well “Art is a sensation, a sense of humor, a sense of elation, a tantalizing window… it’s pure energy, pure thought, and pure darkness, and pure light. ”

I really enjoyed her shop and the things she feels about art, she expresses it so well. Although she and I don’t do the same kind of art I connected with what she had to say, I feel what I do has changed my life, she just put it in words I could recognize.

Thank you Ren for sharing that very personal look into your process.

Please See her shop at PlasticPumpkinDesigns

I really enjoy fusing some days are harder and I really have no feelings about the things that came out of the kiln and then there days that I open my kiln and a gift has come from the heat, A piece I could not have imagined nor dreamed. Unplanned and unique surprises just make me giddy and set the tone for the day and can last for weeks.

This pieces was so serendipitous. I opened the kiln and I swear there was this- A bird on that sumpautumnbird.jpg and those little Autumn leaves flying about. All I had to do is then paint a beak and tidy up the ground line. I love when gifts like this come out of the kiln 🙂

I am really trying to get back to the swing of things. I am pooped from the weekend show and Gallery opening. So forgive my break from all creative input to my blog and flickr and my shop has been pretty much relisting items which I really hate to do because it is all about being fresh and knowing customers or admirers need to see knew stuff or they may get bored.

I wish everyone a little serendipity this week it is a joy and gift.

cryztalring.jpgGet a look in this shop there are gemstone and silver treasures in every click. Great descriptions and nice photos just a pleasant shopping experience all the way around.

I fisrt want to tell about the About the Z in her shop and business name- She says The “Z” in Cryztalvisions? It’s an homage to a wonderful teachers who pronounced crystals: “creezzztals”

You can tell that each piece is lovingly handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail. She has been designing unique jewelry and gift items for over 20years. Selling on line for 7 years.

I am especially drawn to what she says here in her profile “Along the way I have also been drawn to studying and practicing various energy healing arts, like Reiki, chakra balancing, Earth based energy medicine, shamanic practices, and Angel Therapy. I have found combining my love of minerals, my artistic eye and skill in jewelry fabrication and design, along with my heightened sensitivity to energies creates a powerful synergy. I love to immerse myself in the creative process and I’m fascinated when some pieces seem to magically design themselves. I am pleased to share my passion with you”cryztalnecklace.jpg

I want to meet this lovely lady! I love what she says about her work “I delight in creating these pieces! Each one is unique, with its own energy that I feel as I work with the materials. They transport me to a place of deep knowing, relaxation and happiness as I work. My pieces not only look wonderful when worn, but also carry with them the special healing energies of each gemstone or crystal. My work is a constant exploration of the interconnectedness of all life.” So fascinating makes me want to own one of her works.

To learn more about her http://www.CryZtalvisions.com

To visit her shop go to click here

I am a wire lover my self so I found some wonderful things in this shop!wyredbracelet.jpg

Originally born and partially raised in NB Canada, she fell in love with beading at the tender age of eight. It was a Christmas gift her grandparents gave her- a large beading kit! From then on she was always making some form of jewelry or another. The only thing thats changed are range of materials from plastic stretch cord and plastic pony beads to sterling silver and precious stones.

Her newest realization is discovering she can’t completely limit the materials she works with and be happy for very long. I love what she says “Each piece of Jewelry I make is an extension of myself to you, there’s no mass produced here just pieces that are as unique and special as you are.” what a great compliment to the customer. Uniqueness counts that is for sure!

She is a member of etsy moms street team and Etsy Bags www.freewebs.com/wyredonwire
Have a look at her blog too www.wyredonwire.blogspot.com

Click here to see her Etsy shop Wyredonwire

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She is a traveler! Oh to travel to Greece would be a dream. Her travels have influenced her style and her love of gemstones and 18k and 24k gold is what she works with. She makes one of a kind jewelry pieces to accommodate many different styles and fashion trends as you can see in her shop.

electrajewelry.jpgelectrajewelry2.jpgI especially like this item in her shop called “She’s A Lady” Dina must have bought this beautiful enamel bead from one of her favorite places. I love when people share the things they love in their work. It is such a special touch to a shop and I found that to be true in Elektra’s Shop. http://Elektrajewelry.etsy.com

Elektra started working with stones over 10 years ago, the demands of a full time teaching job and childcare did not allow her the time to follow her passion. it seems she has made time and we are glad she did.

She works primarily with gold Vermeil, Bali sterling silver, semi-precious stones and vintage glass beads. Please be on the lookout for new pieces from her Murano Collection.

I would also like to say a special thanks to Dina for all her help to Giftbarer with the 90day blog challenge without her I would not have remembered to do this wonderful challenge so super big thanks lady 🙂

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