getmilk.jpgWell if you follow my blog at all you know my cat stink and I have been at odds over the studio chair. Totally out of character for her. Yesterday was a different story she was sweet as pie, never got in the chair once but she wanted me to hold her so I knew her babies were coming soon. She was extra lovable, it was so nice to have my old stinky back.

3am rolled around and I had a cat 1 inch from my face meowing, telling me it was time to get those babies out. I got up and she promptly showed me where she would be delivering-MY bedroom closet! So I laid down towels and waited by 4 am she was having the first one. I am always amazed that animals know just what to do but I really think she wanted me there and by the 5th kitten she did need me she was tired and having a hard time getting it pushed out so I pulled him out and she looked at me like thank GOD. She has 5 babies- 2 off white and 3 orange tabby that are in good health and so is super Stink. The experience this gave my boys too has so sweet they were up at 4:30 with her then went to school. They were so excited about these little additions to our house.

I didn’t spay her because she never went out much especially when in heat. She is 2 yrs old so we did a good job until about 60 days ago. it only takes one escape to have 5 kittens apparently. She will be promptly spayed when the kittens are weened. I am a responsible pet owner and have taken in many animals that have been unwanted or dumped in fact I have 4 cats and 2 dogs and all were products of irresponsible ownership and neglect. I know we don’t need any more cats in the world but she is my cat and I am happy she has babies, and if I have to keep them all then then I will.