Any one that knows me, knows I am not organized but I do have an organized chaos kinda thing goingscissorsblog1.jpg
on, Ya know how a person that knows where things are among the heaps of stuff? Well that is me. I can tell you exactly where I put things because visually I have imprinted it in my mind for future use, that is with everything, except SCISSORS! I have a complete mental block when it come to these very essential items in my studio. Usually when I clean my studio I find about 15-20 pairs of scissors. YES! I am not kidding I have that many because I lose them and buy more only to lose those too. You can’t imagine how much time I waste looking for those dang things. I won’t be known as a crazy cat lady when I get old, it will be scissors they find piles of. When I pass away, all my neighbors will be shaking their heads and telling whoever really wants to know “we saw the scissor wrappers we just had no idea she had that many” LOL I am just getting a mental picture and thanking GOD that my scissors do not use the kitty litter. Okay I am way off now. HA!

I cleaned my studio this past week and I was disappointed to only find 3 pairs of scissors so now I am real confused and have no idea what I have done with those stink’n things. Well you know I have to go get some so this weekend I hit the jack pot, I went to Big Lots (discount store) and I found the most wonderful thing! A three pack of scissors for 2 bucks, Imagine my delight when I got home and they cut good too! Woohoo! So there really may end up being scissor wrappers for my neighbors to find at that price -Just kidding