nell.jpgI have talked about great customers in my blog before. But I have to share this wonderful thing. I have a dear customer that loved me enough to give me a gift, Yes give ME the gift! That has got to be rare. I have been selling for 8 years and it has never happened before. It was so sweet and so well thought out she just knew my soft spot for stuffed things especially ones that look as if they need a home. How? I don’t know maybe a careful look at my feedback or maybe she just could sense it. She is a treasure for giving me something I have such a hard time giving my self. As a mom my needs come last especially for something like a cute sweet stuffed plushie Like this Nell cat made by

My Sweet customer sent me a note to go choose a gift from this shop, I just about cried. There were so many wonderful babies to look at. Scottie’s, tiddlywinks shop is full of handmade goodness one cute doll after another. They have safety eyes and a hand embroidered faces. The plushies are all cotton, so they are totally washable and super cuddly. Please go look in her shop and see all her cute babies in a line she calls sweetpeas. I forgot to mention Excellent customer service as well.

Scottie I am sure you will understand I renamed Nell to Joanell :)) Thanks to Tiddlywinks and my much loved customer what a way to make me feel special.