peeking in the kilnSometimes it is so hard for me to wait to see what the kiln has in store for me, so hard that I can’t move on to the next project. Does that ever happen to anyone else? I catch my self thinking about what is in the kiln instead of thinking of the next thing I can do. It truly is a joy for me to open that kiln and receive the gift it has inside. But the waiting is like kids waiting for Christmas and it take so long.

Yesterday I worked on painting with fusable high fire enamels and then printing on top of my glass only to run out of time(I was pooped) I was not be able to fire then the 2nd time until today. So first thing this morning the kiln was on and and I waited all day for the kiln to cool, resisting the urge to peek, dieing to see what the kiln had to offer.

This is what I got this evening a wonderful batch of trees with hand painted background. I think I just might sleep better tonight now that they are done LOL