September 2007

britlynscaugt1.jpgOne of the greater memories I have of my children is taking them to the park with kites. Now imagine, three- 4 1/2 yr olds with kites and 1 chubby little mom trying to get kites in the air very fast. OK, now that you have that in your head imagine me trying to enjoy this in any way. I would get one up, go to the next and then the next, only to look where I started to see I needed to begin again. I did this for quite awhile then magic happened I got all three boys with a kite in the air! I enjoyed this all of 4 mins then the wind changed direction and yanked the kite right out of Sam’s hand. I chased that kite string like a dog ! Only to be defeated by a very large tree- The kite was caught, the struggle was ON,  I spend the next 25 mins (seemed like 2 hours) pushing little boys up a tree to see if the string could be reached. HA! That was a wash! My then 4 1/2 yr old Sam looked at me and said it’s okay mom, I won’t cry (did I mention I love this little boy) as we walked to the car he turned to look at the kite flying in the wind, caught by the tree and he said “that tree sure is having fun flying my kite” SIGH! What a beautiful way to look at it. He didn’t lose the kite he gave it to the tree.

I will never forget that day and what he said and what it means to have your kite caught- Life is so like this, we get caught, we struggle, but in the end we just have to let it go.


water stonesMy obsession with getting them perfect slows me down. Making two of the exact same can make an artist Stop dead in her tracks LOL. Many of my earrings that are not perfect become cell phone charms, they are perfectly pretty by them selves but as a match they fall short for the Shoozles standards 🙂 Photos tend to make earrings look less than perfect too. I have to admit I will be pleased with a pair and then I take a photo and be so disappointed. Funny isn’t it? So I have to get over my self and get on with the business at hand and earrings are tops on the list.

Lost in shuffle, put off for last, screaming for attention.

What kinda of mom can’t hear their child? He is so important, my life revolves around them all, they have no idea. Being a triplet must be so hard, the sharing must be unbearable. The pushing the pulling, the competing for time and attention. There is 1 of me and 3 of them so I guess sometimes someone gets left out of the loop. This time it has been Alex.

I think I’ll change my ways…so all your words get noticed -Song by Forty Foot Echo that sums it up really. Sorry I didn’t listen.

I am sorry I didn’t pay attention. I love you little boy. I want to add it is hard to be the mama of these three! The tug of war someone was bound to get hurt.

I am testing my camera and also showing the little family additions off.

It is amazing what a little pet having babies does to my daily studio routine 🙂 I love looking at them it is so relaxing. Sorry the video is dark but I didn’t want to disturb mama and babies.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Please see my new blog for official instructions on this rubber channel.

When I started fusing 8 years ago, the silver bails you see on pendants were nowhere to be found so all my pendants were made with a channel that was made with fiber paper. The fiber paper does not burn in the kiln therefore it leaves a channel/hole that goes through the glass pendant. It was all I knew when I began fusing, then I discovered wire wrapping and that evolved then came the standard silver bails. I am as usual looking for innovated ways to make pendants look and function different. Early this summer I started making sterling silver roll bails those are nice too and it really steps up the piece since the silver is expensive and I necklaceon2.jpgmake the bails by hand. Within the last few weeks I have been working on a new way to wear the pendants- A no bail alternative to all these other devices.1tubedetail.jpg

This is called the hidden rubber channel. I spent some time wearing and testing the strength of this and have found it to be quite nice, not to mention how great is lays on a neck, plus comfort. I have to say the thing I like best about it -NO BAIL, the piece stands on it’s own like art hanging in a gallery.

If you have any questions about the hidden rubber channel jurubberbail.jpgst drop me a line. Trust me it is a great new way to wear pendants. To find products with this alternative channel go to

getmilk.jpgWell if you follow my blog at all you know my cat stink and I have been at odds over the studio chair. Totally out of character for her. Yesterday was a different story she was sweet as pie, never got in the chair once but she wanted me to hold her so I knew her babies were coming soon. She was extra lovable, it was so nice to have my old stinky back.

3am rolled around and I had a cat 1 inch from my face meowing, telling me it was time to get those babies out. I got up and she promptly showed me where she would be delivering-MY bedroom closet! So I laid down towels and waited by 4 am she was having the first one. I am always amazed that animals know just what to do but I really think she wanted me there and by the 5th kitten she did need me she was tired and having a hard time getting it pushed out so I pulled him out and she looked at me like thank GOD. She has 5 babies- 2 off white and 3 orange tabby that are in good health and so is super Stink. The experience this gave my boys too has so sweet they were up at 4:30 with her then went to school. They were so excited about these little additions to our house.

I didn’t spay her because she never went out much especially when in heat. She is 2 yrs old so we did a good job until about 60 days ago. it only takes one escape to have 5 kittens apparently. She will be promptly spayed when the kittens are weened. I am a responsible pet owner and have taken in many animals that have been unwanted or dumped in fact I have 4 cats and 2 dogs and all were products of irresponsible ownership and neglect. I know we don’t need any more cats in the world but she is my cat and I am happy she has babies, and if I have to keep them all then then I will.

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