Studio cat

My cat and I are battling over my studio chair every day we go through this. I get up she gets in it. I have been picking her up and placing her other comfy places and trying to run to the chair before she gets there, sometimes she wins LOL. Now the interesting part about this whole exchange is she is pregnant and in the last two weeks trying to remove her from that chair is so DANG scary. No kidding I reach for her and she has every intention of taking my hand off. I have devised a little trick I have these little Dog treats call beef tips, yea I know I said she was a cat but she will jump out of that chair for those treats, But now I have NO more TREATS, man I ain’t gonna try to touch her, she is vicious! She is holding up my creative process. Wonder if we have some lunch meat?

Check out her not gonna budge face and that tail! Bad cat