green blossom BarrettesIt’s always about “NEW” Maybe I get bored easy, or maybe I am afraid my target audience will not come in and look at my shop if I don’t change it up from time to time. I am probably right about both of these things. I feel the need to offer items for a younger crowd and I have to keep in mind not everyone likes the same things as me. For instance I made these hair barrettes today, I am 40 and not a cool 40 okay? So I would look like an idiot if I wore them. I guess I had to step out of my box today. I have had this idea for over a year I bought the felt flowers last fall and never got the nerve to do these, thinking the idea was dumb now this stuff is everywhere. Who Knew-well I guess I did LOL the moral of the story go with your gut and step out of your little box.