Liskidder flowerI am a big Fan of glass jewelry so it is no wonder I want to buy every piece I love but I tell my self “no Michelle be good!” On occasion I treat my self but It has to be special and I have to really like the artist too, not just their art. Some time ago I bought this cool piece from Lis Kidder. She is such a wonderful artist and friend! She leads our EGA Street Team tirelessly and has endless ideas not to mention her professionalism is above and beyond. So I am not just a fan of her work I am a big fan of Lis Kidder. Thanks Lis for all you do. If you don’t own a piece of her work please go have a look at her shop you will be glad you did.

Oh and when 11 year old boys think it is cool you know you are on the right track. My Boys love these flowers by Lis