judy artsyclaySome people are just pure pleasure. I have met so many wonderful people on etsy and flickr and I have made so many friends from these sites. There are some people that have a special place in my heart, they just know how to make me feel better about my self, my friend Judy is one of those people. She is polymer clay artists. She makes the most whimsical fun stuff, it is a joy to look in her shop. Just the other day I stumbled on to a piece she put on flickr and I was so excited about it. She makes pins that are portraits of people and their pets, how awesome is that? Not only is it cute but what a great memory piece for the pet lover.

I had the pleasure of purchasing a piece from her for my moms birthday this July. I was looking for watermelons and she had just what I needed. My kids were so funny, when it came in the mail they had to get their hands on it, they of course noticed the seed were even shiny and they waned to know all about what it was made of and who Judy was, so we went right to her site and looked at all her little goodies. She has cats and dogs and people, Judy we have a special request we need a cute monkey for a little boy Hint hint!

Not only is Judy a great artist but she is a great listener and friend. I can’t thank you enough for the time you have taken to read my notes and lift me up. You are a special lady!

Please take a look at her shop here http://artsyclay.etsy.com