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There are some customers that make you wish you could give it away for free. I hate to make the lottery statement but I do believe if I won, I would still make glass jewelry and I do believe I would list it to give it away. Go ahead God try me see if I will do it! Give me millions and see if I am the one person that does exactly what I said I would do before the money landed in my lap!

I have some of the best customers, they make me glad I wake up in the morning, they make me say thing under my breath like “I love my job” they give me feedback that can make me cry it is so good. They make me want to give freely, I may have been born with that little personality trait, but a great buyer can make my little tiny day, not for the purchase but for the way they treat me like it is a joy to own what I have made.

Go have a look at my feedback

Thanks to all of you from the bottom of my heart-you know who you are