ontheway6flags1.jpg carshot.jpg bad car shot of arch the first ride batman roller coaster Loop

And many other body parts! We picked the hottest day of the year to go to 6 FLAGS a whopping 100 degrees and I am sure the heat index was more like 105. I have to say I love to go on all the rides and I am a big fan of the roller coasters but today I was a human slug and I am sure I left a sweaty trail behind me much like a slug does! I think between my husband and I we drank about 14 maybe 15 or so 32 oz cups of power aide. so more of my day was spent trying to get liquid LOL!

The boys on the other hand had the greatest day, we rode the first ride with them and I got photos of that, but not long after that they had the run of the park for a few hours on their own. This was a big deal for them and really perfect for me because I would not have made it at the speed they were going. Thank goodness they are old enough now and cell phone security!

Sam and their friend waterparkchiowaterpark1.jpgthe waterparkAl cooled off

Then we hit the water park, that was the highlight of my day being splashed with luke warm water is pure joy when it is 100 degrees. Warm water is better than no water! Not that I am partial to being in a bathing suit but near naked is okay when 1000s of other people are doing it. I have to applaud the people that just don’t give a crap about what they look like in a bathing suit. I had another shot of the harbor and man it was not pretty and I was behind the camera LOL!

I was still able to come home to tell you all about it and list some creative goods on Etsy. Now I must wash my self, something smells and I am sure but I think it is me.