I have been to the ocean a few times and walked the beach I could spend hours there until my skin burns off. The sound, the smell and all the things there are to see. I especially love the tide pools the exploring is endless. Some of the best vactions times I have had with my kids was beach related, so it is no wonder I dream about it. I don’t have a lot of beach photos of my kids because we were having way too much fun for me to take time to say hey stop I gotta take some photos . But I do have a few of them surfing, Thanks brother 🙂 they will never forget that.

This pendant was a creative challenge with our glass group called EGA -Etsy Gass Artist. It was a good one for me because I needed to remember a relaxing moment in life. Check out all that great soft glass texture hand painted by me 2 part kiln process. If you would like to see more scenic focals similar to this visit my Etsy shop http://shoozles.etsy.com

maui palm