I Have always loved paper, my addiction to paper is almost as bad as my glass addiction. I liked paper so much I decided I have to make my own, so some years back, way before glass came into my life I bought every book I could to learn how to make recycled paper with a blender. I worked in graphic design so paper samples were every where and when they were done I would snag them instead of them going in the trash, purely selfish, I was not trying to save the world. I cramed every little kind of thing I could into my old blener and made piles of paper. I have put crayon shavings in pulp, glitter, fethers, flowers, felt, wool, and sticks you name it. I have been making lots of things with it over the years like cards and collages and now it is being used for the backgrounds of my photographs for jewelry so it has been a good craft for me. So that leads me to this… I have decided to share some of my handmade paper goods with the world in my new etsy shop called The Ouchless Universe- http://ouchlessuniverse.etsy.com this will be my non-glass shop I will probably add things like cards and paper and things my kids have made and things I always want to add in my Shoozles shop but just don’t fit and gets lost in the glass goodnes. I hope you will visit and thanks as always for reading my little blog.

handmade paper