Long time no see šŸ™‚

March to be exact, but hey we all knew I would be back right? I have been slaving away in my little glass studio constantly telling my self I must clean off the glass table so I can get on with the next idea.

I think what I have been working on more than any thing would be learning to photograph my jewelry that has been so hard over the past 8 years I have struggled with lighting and background for as long as I can remember. My ebay years were the worst. So now that I have a little handle on it thanks to my friend Lis Kidder (thanks Lis) I have decided maybe I can blog to better photos. Dance to better music ha! It is more fun that way!

I really like to paint on glass add my own touch that way there is no mistake I have had my hand on it. So here a few painted glass treasures I hope you like them and thanks for looking. Miss you all

.harmonycluckadoodle night ocean