August 2007

Studio cat

My cat and I are battling over my studio chair every day we go through this. I get up she gets in it. I have been picking her up and placing her other comfy places and trying to run to the chair before she gets there, sometimes she wins LOL. Now the interesting part about this whole exchange is she is pregnant and in the last two weeks trying to remove her from that chair is so DANG scary. No kidding I reach for her and she has every intention of taking my hand off. I have devised a little trick I have these little Dog treats call beef tips, yea I know I said she was a cat but she will jump out of that chair for those treats, But now I have NO more TREATS, man I ain’t gonna try to touch her, she is vicious! She is holding up my creative process. Wonder if we have some lunch meat?

Check out her not gonna budge face and that tail! Bad cat


I don’t know why Halloween is my favorite holiday but it is. Maybe it is the season change or the memories I have as a kid, who knows? I truly get excited when I start to see the Halloween stuff in stores, CRAZY I know, I also know I am not the only one that feels this way, otherwise retail stores all over America have lost their minds <—– okay that might be true but anyway I have restrained my self as long as I could and here is my Halloween offering. I was kinda excited to get tHalloween funo use other stuff with my glass.

Just glass and Halloween brads for scrap booking who knew that would be a cute bracelet? See more of this Spooky bracelet in my etsy store


Wire wrapping opens up a world of possibilities for your jewelry designs. I am self taught so you will have to bear with me, and I am not into the fancy stuff. This is just the basics.

So get your stuff and lets wrap a cab together!

You will need

  • Round nose pliers
  • Small sharp wire cutters
  • Pointed pliers.
  • 22 g or 20 g wire (you might want to practice with artistic wire first, less pain on the pocket if you mess up).
  • The most important thing you need is some beautiful grooved glass cabs.
    Now that you have all of the necessary tools and supplies, you can begin.Fit the wire into the cab groove

Step 1

Cut a length of wire 16 to 18 cm long (depending on the cab size). You might want to go longer at first, but this is generally what I start with. Straighten the wire out.

Cross the wire ends

Step 2

Take your grooved cab and push the wire into the groove on one side, then bend it around the bottom of the cab and fit it into the groove on the other side.

TwistStep 3

While holding the wire securely in the groove on both sides, bring the two ends together at the top of the cab. As you come to the center point, cross the two ends over each other, and begin twisting them together.

Be careful at this stage not to over twist, especially when using sterling, as it can snap the wire. I usually do not twist it more than two times. Never use the pliers to tighten your twist, because you will mar and weaken the wire.

Clip Grip Make a loopStep 4

Clip the shorter end of the two pieces of wire. With the fat end of your round nose pliers, grip the base of the twist, and wrap a loop around the pliers.

Step 5
Now you should have a wire wrapped cab with a twist and loop, lets finish it off. With your round nose pliers still in the loop, take the excess wire and wrap it around under the loop, then around the twist.

Keep wrapping down until you reach the back of the cab. Cut the excess wire, and tuck the sharp edge under, toward the cab. If the loop looks a little wonky, just take the flat part of your pliers and gently squeeze the loop to make it straight.

You are finished! Whew! Now it’s a pendant!

green blossom BarrettesIt’s always about “NEW” Maybe I get bored easy, or maybe I am afraid my target audience will not come in and look at my shop if I don’t change it up from time to time. I am probably right about both of these things. I feel the need to offer items for a younger crowd and I have to keep in mind not everyone likes the same things as me. For instance I made these hair barrettes today, I am 40 and not a cool 40 okay? So I would look like an idiot if I wore them. I guess I had to step out of my box today. I have had this idea for over a year I bought the felt flowers last fall and never got the nerve to do these, thinking the idea was dumb now this stuff is everywhere. Who Knew-well I guess I did LOL the moral of the story go with your gut and step out of your little box.

tutti frutti petiteNew kids line of petite pendants, just like mom, little girls want jewelry too. I have done these as special request in the past but I decided it was time to just add them to my shop, hopefully as a regular item. Last year I made a whole batch for a lady for Christmas gifts for her daughters friends. it was a true hit! She told me how proud they all were to have jewelry that was different and fun. Scaled to their size and colorful wants with a cord made for their tiny neck. Look for these new little cuties in my shop and make a little girl happy.

My studio will be buzzing tomorrow. My kids go back to school tomorrow. It is only a half day but my hope is that I can get my GLASS in gear LOL. I will have 7 hours of quiet, no sibling mediation, no lunches and breakfast to make and clean up, no 20 questions and the top on the list NO “I’m bored” just me and some music and hot glass. Okay I for got one thing no more excuses from me. Look out folks!

Well that is what I call charms I add to my pendants. I can’t quit doing them. Charms can spice up a dull pendantdragonfly emotion and make them something special. They are securely wire wrapped to the pendant but still swing andsummer sailing move freely on the surface. That little movement can catch a persons eye and draw them into what you are wearing. Isn’t that what jewelry is all about. A little extra healthy attention? There a quest I need to pose to my EGA friends… Why do women love jewelry? Is it for the attention or do we simply love it for what it looks like? HUMMM? I say both LOL!

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