Hi everyone!

Today was a rare occasion, I went back to bed after my kids went to the bus stop, I could not keep my eyes open. I wore myself out yesterday but it was fantastic. I had the great pleasure of working with teachers for 3 years before I gave it all up to pursue my glass adventure full time (scary) this is the second time I gave up a career to do what I thought would be best. So yesterday I visited two schools and saw all my friends and of-course, took my jewelry otherwise they would hang me LOL. I sold more stuff yesterday than I did at a two day craft fair. My box of jewelry was full to the top, I almost could not close the box when I started there were over 200 pieces and by the time I came home it was (half empty), this is the one time that statement is positive! I love those gals not because they buy my jewelry, but because they are so glad to see me, the self esteem boost they give me is incredible! Thank you ladies! You will never know what you have done for me!

Now, I have to tell you what else happened this week. I needed some things from the craft store and put it off all day until I finally almost decided not to go but I really need it for the school ladies, so I went (man I was tired). Here is the weird thing, the blessing that I went when I did. When I drove back into my driveway from the dreaded craft store trip, I saw my pool cover was not on and my fence was jacked up, I got out of my car real quick. You guys, There were 2 dogs drowning in my pool! I was screaming! They got caught up in my pool cover and could not get out and I couldn’t get to them because they were in the center of the pool. My husband Andy came running out with Sam, my 11 old and they pulled them out just in time. You guys, it was so awful. I was so scared and upset. All I could do was think, thank God I went to that dang craft store at 7pm, otherwise I would have found 2 dead dogs in my pool the next day. We would have never heard them dieing. I don’t know if I would have been able to swim in that pool ever again if that would have happened. My kids would have been devastated I am sure. All I can say is sometimes we are urged to do things and we have no idea what will follow, the reason behind each event and it’s timing is such a mystery. Listen to the little ques.

What do these things really have to do with each other? Well, What you don’t know is, going to work at the school with those ladies was one of those things/urges, and it too was a life changing event or time for me and my family. Just listen to the little voice, it is so quiet sometimes!

Love ya everybody