I am headed over to my moms house. I can’t wait to walk into the house and smell that turkey. I begged her to bake it this year instead of deep fry it. I spent the morning making a desert and gathering sage for the stuffing.

I have been a busy girl this week but not fusing. I got my house cleaned I should have taken a picture of that disaster. Does anyone know what happens when you go into you studio and 3 kids and 2 dog and any number of neighbor kids are running around? Well, you don’t want to know. I found things in my house that completely perplexed me, NO kidding, A brick, I am pretty sure my dog brought in to play with.

I have a few swap I received this week I need to post next week. Thanks Diane and Sarah! Made my day.

Well I am headed out wanted to with everyone a Happy Thanksgiving Love you all!